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Who knew a 12-year old could bring the Tempe High School/Planned Parenthood agenda full circle?

Recently, the following testimony was witnessed at a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil at the Tempe Planned Parenthood facility:

**We never Know how God will work through us.  But, you can be sure that your willingness to speak the truth brings clarity to many of our young people.  My Church was doing sign ups all weekend to sponsor a full day of prayer in front of the Tempe Planned Parenthood and one of our volunteers sent me this email after their shift.

"Thank you Lisa for allowing me to serve in this small way. I had an anointed conversation with a sixth grader who wasn't sure about whether or not he believed abortion was wrong. His parents had him view the public school's sex education and he was confused. It was such a blessing to meet him and bring clarity into his heart. We wouldn't have had that powerful conversation if you hadn't welcomed me to be there. Thank you!

Let us welcome all to join us in the fight for Life and to speak the truth about abortion.  We will see God work through them to touch the minds and hearts of those who otherwise might not know or understand that all Life is a gift, including their own life.  All glory to God for His Divine Providence!"

A special Thanks to the youth from City of the Lord who prayed and stood witness yesterday.  How encouraging to see our youth "Be not afraid".**

Isn't it amazing that a 12-year old was confused about abortion after reading the public school's sex ed curriculum?  Our culture has such an influence over our youth; it often wins despite the family's best efforts. 

For months we have heard from the TUHSD Sex Ed committee that their schools need to be the safety net for the kids regarding their sex education. Why then, if the culture is truly "pro-choice", can't prayer be a safety net and influence for our youth?  Why is the abortion agenda the only "choice"?

Thanks to all those involved in 40 Days for Life.  They regularly save babies and their mothers from the horrors inside the Planned Parenthood clinics.  And they set a positive example for families while showing love, caring, and patience, virtues that aid women for the long term, not the short term "fix" that occurs inside the clinic behind them.

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