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The Mad Mayor of Mesa and His Obsessive Delusion

EAN 2-28-21

On Monday night, March 1, 2021, the Mesa City Council is expected to vote on a so called "Non-Discrimination Code"

The text of the ordinance can be found here:

The following passage is in the bill:

"Discriminate and Discrimination means to make any distinction with respect to any individual or
individuals based on the actual or perceived race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability,
religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, veteran's status, marital status, genetic
information, or familial status of an individual except as required by federal or state law or court
order. (bold added for emphasis)"

The way this bill is written, it appears that "delusion" would be considered to be as valid as reality.

The problems here are limitless because it requires everyone to ignore biology, science and even reality. 

     The goal here seems to be to turn the entirety of society into an insane asylum.

What if someone "perceives" that they are a veteran when they are, in reality, not? Would we be required to refer to them as "General Patton" and give them full veterens benefits based on their perceived status? Would taking a census even matter anymore? Everyone would then be able to choose their identity based on whichever identity gives them the most government benefits. So, if a minority, blacks for example, were to be able to receive benefits based on their race then everyone would suddenly be able to claim to be black. And, without a DNA test, who would be the wiser? And, even with such a test, if DNA says you are 49% black and 51% white, what race are you? 1% black and 99% white; what race are you? But, it doesn't even matter because perceived reality is the only thing that matters under this bill. So, if Mayor Giles walks in one day and says he is a black man from Nigeria are we all supposed to go along with that or should we have him committed to a mental institution? Would mental institutions even be necessary or even legal anymore? Actually, yes because anyone who is NOT insane would likely wind up in a mental institution or prison and the insane would be the only ones allowed to roam free.

Once The Law abandons reality completely, law and order becomes impossible. I guarantee you, China is not implementing such policies. And, we all know why this legislation is being put forward; Cancel Culture. The following is from the Mesa City Council's website:


There is the answer to why he is doing this. Amazon, Google and Apple are leading the Cancel Culture charge to cancel people who have common sense or who even have a differing political opinion than Silicon Valley. And, as we have seen with their recent actions, on the Cancel Culture hitlist include; anyone who believes that a nation should be sovereign, Conservatives, Republicans, people of faith (except those adhering to the Religion of Leftism), whites, biological families and anyone who wishes to maintain the Constitution based on original intent; just to name a few.

Wouldn't such "Cancel Culture" laws undermine our nation? Of course they would. Our enemies are laughing their butts off at us because these types of laws make us weaker, and so, our enemies gain power over us.

      So, do Google, Apple, Amazon and Silicon Valley have more interest in pleasing our enemies or doing what is best for our country?

     Now, here is the scariest thing of all. Once someone has been "cancelled" by culture, it is a very short step to cancel them physically. Think about it. How does China "cancel" people? How did Joseph Stalin "cancel" people? How did Hitler "cancel" people?

Is this ordinance a dress rehersal for Mass Cancellation?

Is this ordinance a dress rehersal for Mass Genocide?

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Comment by Karen Gevaert on February 28, 2021 at 10:39am

You are right, this is a 'insane' ordinance.  These council people should be held for criminal intent against 'We The People.'

Comment by Harry Mathews on February 28, 2021 at 8:44pm



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