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The Indoctrination of Your Student – Training the Next Generation of Terrorists

by Shelley on September 11th, 2011

You send your children to school and trust that our public school system is providing them with the best education in your community. You expect they will learn the basics Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and as they progress History and Science will be added. But what are they really learning? One school district is finding out and the parents, community and state do not like what they have found.

Posters of militant leaders, daily chants that are revolutionary in nature and anti-American values are being taught in what is being classified as an American History credit in high school. Students are being indoctrinated into what could only be described as a cult with the mission of overthrowing the United States to create a new nation.

Now being taught from the 3rd grade level on up, recruitment of these children targets the most vulnerable as well as those from a specific race. Once inside the classroom they teach a fictitious history providing the children with a sense of belonging to some greater society. They then expand the indoctrination process targeting the Anglo community as the source of all their ails. They are the oppressed people, the victims of this white society. They are taught to be racist and that their race is superior to others. These children are being recruited and indoctrinated to be the foot soldiers for this aggressive movement to claim what they believe is occupied America.

In years past this type of activity and indoctrination would have been considered treason. Today it is being supported as a form of “free speech.” Coming from an Islamic extremist group no one would be surprised at the curriculum and content, although parents would question why it was being taught in the first place. Angry parents would storm school board meetings and demand answers. Do the same standards not apply if this comes from La Raza and MECha in the form of ethnic studies?

A panel discussion on Saturday in Phoenix to discuss this issue included Tom Horne, AZ Attorney General, Lisa Ruth, Educator, Andy LeFevre, Representing the AZ Superintendent, Loretta Hunnicutt, writer and activist who appeared on Glenn Beck, Rey Torres, President of the Arizona Latino Republican Association, and Gabriela Mercer, naturalized citizen of Mexican descent running for U.S. House.

The Tucson Unified School District in Arizona is supporting this curriculum and is currently under investigation and facing charges of failing to adhere to state standards prohibiting courses that promote the overthrow of the U.S. Government, resentment toward another race or class of people, is designed for a specific race or ethnic background and advocates for solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals. The state has determined the program violates 3 of these areas. The district has had ample time and warning to abandon these programs but instead has chosen to fight the state. If the district loses their case and fails to come into compliance they will lose 10%, or $15 million in education funding. That loss could result in the termination of 300 teachers.

In classes consisting mostly 0f Hispanic students, the students are being taught they are really of Aztec descent and that the lands of southwest America belong to them. They fail to recognize and acknowledge their own Mexican history and have removed their equivalent of George Washington entirely from their history books. Likewise, these courses do not recognize the history in America, including the Gadsden Purchase in 1854, a treaty by the United States and Mexico, which made southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico part of the United States. They also support the claim of the lands of Aztlan, a mythical land that does not exist.

Militant activities of these children includes chaining themselves to the chairs at school board meetings, staging a funeral complete with black coffin at a school board meeting, and the street play entitled “The Killing of Tom Horne”, former AZ Superintendent of Schools and now AZ Attorney General.

Observations of the children in these courses have shown they do not promote a better education but instead has seen the children become more and more resentful.

Even the press who was outwardly skeptical of the charges against the program and claimed the superintendent lied changed their opposition when they personally spent 2 days viewing the materials the state has collected from these courses. Their response was the disbelief that they could actually be teaching this material.

Promoting the anti-Anglo sentiment, it was reported a Chicana club in Sierra Vista tries to brainwash these children and as Gabriela’s daughter reported “This stupid club wants me to hate my daddy.” Her stepfather is white.

Since the program has been exposed enrollment in these courses has dropped. While the program once had up to 15,000 students, this year that has dropped to 375. Parents deserve the credit for opting out their children.

Because of this drop in enrollment the schools had to then assign those teachers to other areas. What was even more disturbing is that these teachers are incapable of performing in the regular classrooms. They resorted to their militant teaching techniques, including the daily chants, and told students who objected that we live in a minority and they just have to deal with it, forcing them to participate. They are continuing the indoctrination policies in the regular classroom!

The overall sentiment amongst the panelists was that these courses must be eliminated entirely. Since the teachers from these programs cannot and will not accept normal teaching standards they too must be dismissed from the district.

As one panelist put it, “This is a national security issue” and believes these people should be put on the terrorist watch list.

It has been 10 years since the attacks on September 11th. While the government claims to be making our country safer, are our public schools training the next terrorists?

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