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The Cartel: Available on DVD, Wed, Dec 1!

THIS IS IT, folks!

The Cartel ,
the award-winning documentary about corruption in public education and the promise of school choice, will be released on DVD tomorrow,
Wednesday Dec. 1!

DVDs remain the most important distribution platform for documentary films
by far, and people who may have missed our earlier theatrical screenings
will now have an opportunity to see the film, loan it to friends, and
spread the word about school choice.

So here are the headlines:

1.) Starting Wednesday, you can order The Cartel DVD here:
In addition to the version for private home viewing, there will also be DVD versions licensed for unlimited public screenings at K-12 schools and general audiences. (You'll be able to schedule your own public screenings!)

2.) Please send the web link one new person
about this film today. We did request this once before, but it's such a critical moment, we must ask one more time. So that means you. Really. If you believe in the mission of our film, please don't procrastinate or leave it to others; send the link to at least one person today.
(You're welcome to tell more than one person, of course, but everyone has at least one new person they can include.)

Want to do something else that's free? Put the link on your websites, your Facebook walls and your Twitter log. Social media rocks. It's a force multiplier.

for extra credit... if you have a website, feel free to grab one of our
fun animated banner ads, and link it to our main website. The files
can be legally pilfered here:

4.) If you're looking for reading material, check out the latest Bob Bowdon column in the Huffington Post. It just went live! (Did they really know who they were inviting to blog there?) Please comment if the spirit moves you! Don't be shy. Find it

The Bottom Line...

The Cartel

movie was a labor of love from the start, and grass roots support has underpinned all of its success. So please help us spread the word now
that the DVD is widely available. We realize that on one level, this is a self-serving request. But it's also true that a bloated, corrupt
American public education establishment robs children every single day of a better future. It's a system that places the jobs of adults over the interests of kids. We must not tolerate it anymore.

The fact is we undertook this documentary project for one reason: to change hearts & minds. And it's been working. Now, as we reach the finish line, we really need your help.

Because, you see, school choice will break the cartel. That's cartel, small "c."

Thank you so much for your support.

-- Bob Bowdon and The Cartel

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