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Posted by Jose Borrajero on April 7, 2017 Arizona Freedom Alliance


Read carefully the last three communications from one of the most virulent education pimp organizations. If this does not convince you that we must engage every time we receive an alert, nothing will. Note that in communication #3, the ASBA is calling for a war on legislators that are on our side. They are very serious about this and they are very well organized. Are we going to be as serious and as well organized as they are? Let us hope that we do better during the 2018 legislative session than we did during 2017. Let us also hope that we do better at supporting or friends and removing our enemies in the legislature during the 2018 elections. Again, they are engaging, will we? Time will tell.

#1: ESA Watch

As the session continues, bills that have stayed under the radar are starting to reappear. There is still strong opposition to an ESA expansion in both chambers, but there is talk that the expansion bills are starting to move. It is important that key legislators know the impact that an ESA expansion would have on the public schools in their community. 

If you live in the district, please contact the members below to let them know that you strongly oppose any expansion of the ESA program and stress the impact this would have on your district. 

Rep. Campbell | LD 1 | 602-926-3124 | 
Rep. Cobb | LD 5 | 602-926-3126 |
Rep. John | LD 14 | 602-926-5154 |
Sen. Worsley | LD 25 | 602-926-5863 | 

We also want to thank the following legislators who have committed to voting NO on the ESA expansion bills, Rep. Coleman, Rep. Carter, Rep. Udall, Rep. Clodfelter, Sen. Brophy McGee as well as all of the House and Senate Democrats. We appreciate their support for public education. 

Check out the AzRepublic article from today on ESAs.


#2. Public Schools Need Your Voice NOW

HB2394 empowerment scholarship accounts; phase in

 is under debate right now in the AZ House. House leadership has been targeting two freshmen members to support ESAs. Call or email them right now to urge them to stand with public schools against political threats and intimidation. These are public school supporters who need to know we will stand behind them no matter what!

LD 5 Rep. Regina Cobb 602-926-3126

LD 14 Rep. Drew John 602-926-5154


#3. The Friends of ASBA was created for times like these

Last night, things changed. The debate over ESAs is no longer a debate about policy. It is "us vs. them." Not one hour after the final vote was cast, proponents of ESAs sent out an email.

"There is a cap at 5,000 new kids per year; we will get it lifted," they said.

"If we don’t get the education system back, we will lose our country," they said.

The education system that all of us fight for every day. The free, publicly accessible education system that is open to every child. The one that serves as the gateway out of poverty. The one that serves 95 percent of all Arizona's children. A threat to our country? No. That stops today.

Fighting monied interests with an extreme agenda takes money of our own. You can start the fight today by becoming a member of Friends of ASBA.

Our friends who voted against ESAs will face challenges. We need to protect them.

The legislators who voted for ESAs will need to be held accountable.

Is it worth $20, $50, or $100 to further your support for public ed...

The 2018 campaign and the race for control of the future of the public education system began last night at 7:00 p.m. The time to act is now.

Join Friends of ASBA today. Any friend of public education can join!

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