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Dear Friends,

As a mother of two children in public school, I want our schools to provide a deep and high-quality education.

At a recent debate, I saw that my liberal opponent has a very different definition for the word education than I do:

McLean's definition of education: More money for unions and bureaucrats.
TERRI PROUD's definition of education: More learning and knowledge for our kids.

When Proposition 301 passed (Classroom Site Fund), it provided $300 million to $500 million per year in additional funds. But districts shifted monies away from the classroom by using their CSF funds to replace, rather than add to, monies spent in the classroom. This freed up their other funding for things the voters didn't intend!

According to the Arizona's Auditor Report : If districts had continued spending their non-CSFmonies in the classroom at the same rate they did prior to receiving CSF monies, the fiscal year 2009 state-wide classroom dollar percentage would have been 59.6 percent AND the average teacher salary in Arizona would be about $7,500 higher!

So WHO shifted the monies away from the classrooms AND WHO took that pay away from the teachers? THOSE SUPPORTING MY LIBERAL OPPONENT!

The Legislature, in a very difficult fiscal cycle, cut only around 1% of the education budget. Meanwhile, unions and school administrators see to it that up to 50% of school funding goes into administration, not the classroom!

Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board approved a $195,000 contract for one new superintendent; Paradise Valley Unified School District proposed a salary range up to $200,000; Tucson approved a $205,000 contract for their superintendent. Click Here for More Superintendents Pay

Another district spent about $350,000 to pay for the salaries of only FOUR employees who were not eligible to receive CSF monies because they did not provide instruction to students. (See the Arizona Auditors Report)

So if you say I'm against taking funding from our kids to line the pockets of more bureaucrats - then you're right. Ask yourself this question: Is the candidate you're voting for working for the bureaucracy or OUR CHILDREN?

I'm for our kids' future AND for paying our teachers!

I'm also in favor of making superintendents reveal to the parents every dollar they spend - including their own salaries. Perhaps we can put their salaries on the ballot for parental approval - I bet we'd see a drastic change in our system.
Terri Proud

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