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Tempe Union High School District Sex Ed Update

I was going to write a quick update sharing specifics of the continuing saga in the Tempe Union High School District regarding the Sex Ed program and its development.  Then I listened to the audio the district uploaded on to its website from the August 20, 2014 Board meeting.  It's difficult to summarize the events of the last 9 months and make sense of the Board's continuing push towards Sex Ed amid all the controversy and possible non-compliance with SB1009. (See attachment)

It has also been challenging to listen to the dialogue during the discussions--the language, the content, the misinformation, the accusations.  

Why did one of the Committee members, Ms. Bronwyn Paes lie to Board Member Schapira when he asked her in March of this year if anyone had sought Planned Parenthood as a resource?  It turns out Ms. Paes emailed Planned Parenthood in September of 2013 asking if the organization could aid in providing sex ed curriculum, yet she denied this to Mr. Schapira.

Why did Mr. Schapira spend so much time attempting to redefine what an IUD really does? 

Why did the Sex Ed committee chair, Zita Johnson, complain about "enduring" over 20 hours of public input?  Did she use the word "enduring" because the parents and taxpayers didn't give her committee a green light to let Planned Parenthood in the door?

Why is anyone who records the meetings referred to by Ms. Johnson as a bully?

Why do the superintendent and others on the Committee have a problem with taxpayers using social media to report the status of the curriculum?  (Social media wouldn't be so powerful if The Arizona Republic thoroughly and honestly reported this controversy.)

Why doesn't The Arizona Republic thoroughly report this controversy?

Why was SB 1009 ignored druing the development of this curriculum despite repeated reminders from the public?

Why was Planned Parenthood's FLASH Sex Ed program used as a base despite overwhelming public outcry against it?

Why was evidence uncovered that during business hours TUHSD officials are monitoring my social media postings?  (Remember this the next time the district wants more money and remember this if you ever choose to challenge the district about anything.)  By the way, this is a great way to treat a TUHSD alumni who has put three children through the district and has paid Tempe property taxes for 28 years.

Why did Board Member Sandy Lowe admit she only spent two hours reading hundreds and hundreds of pages of the proposed curriculum?

Why is only one Board member, Moses Sanchez, repeatedly researching and asking for scientific facts?

Why has it become Administration/Board vs. parents? 

There can only be one reason:

Teaching Sex Education to minors in a school setting is just plain wrong.  There is no other way to put this. 

TUHSD has five Anatomy and Physiology books in circulation for use in the classroom.  While some of the material in the textbooks is controversial, the material is taught in an academic setting with science as the backdrop.  It is not designed to promote an agenda.

Sex Ed should be taught in a family setting.  We are told the district needs to teach sex ed because the parents don't.  Because parents have gradually been pushed aside in so many situations, it makes sense a school district would want to fill the vacuum.  We now have decades, though, of data that proves this sexual revolution really has done nothing good, it's only torn families and lives apart.

The district employees tasked to build the new curriculum are in a no-win situation.  They must follow the law while keeping everyone happy.  It won't happen.  Unfortunately, they will remember the summer of 2014 as the summer they developed the new Sex Ed curriculum only to have it torn apart at the District meeting where they hoped it would pass muster. 

On September 17, 2014, Superintendent Kenneth Baca put the Sex Ed curriculum development on hold for the remainder of the year.  It is great that no decision will be made in haste at this point.  However, there is an election in 6 weeks.  Filling two empty TUHSD Board seats will most likely determine what direction the Board will go next year as it revisits Sex Ed.

Stay tuned and vote wisely.



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