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American Post-Gazette
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May 10, 2018
A Chandler school fired a teacher because she voiced her opposition to the radical #RedforEd movement. That’s what it’s come down to: getting rid of anyone radical leftists don’t like. If you disagree with a leftie, you are evil, need to be shut up and thrown off the island. The radical leftists and their teachers’ union thug buddies are not about the student -- they never were. They’re not even about the teachers, otherwise there would be an outcry from the Arizona Education Association protesting this teacher’s firing. <crickets> No; the teacher walk-out (illegal strike) is and always was about the radical left and all their liberal Democrat allies in this country trying to usurp power from duly-elected Republicans so they can control all the purse strings. It’s all about raw political control and raw political power -- students, teachers, parents, and real education be damned.
Jennifer Hill has been a certified substitute teacher since 2012 for the Chandler Unified School District in suburban Phoenix, Arizona; or at least she was until recently. After she voiced her opposition to the teachers’ strike she received notice she was fired. After publicly complaining about the firing, the district backtracked and said she was only suspended for her "own protection.” Apparently, the school district encourages a hostile work environment because many teachers threatened Hill for speaking out and none of them have been fired, suspended, or even reprimanded. So, instead of taking action against those who threatened her, Hill is doubly victimized -- this time by the cowardly district leadership.  Is this who we have teaching our children -- bullies (teachers) and cowards (administrators)? Apparently so.
This has now gone beyond just a bunch of vengeful, immature, public school teachers bullying one female teacher (a war on women?) and the cowardly actions of a complicit administration. This has risen (or lowered) to a civil rights issue. Hill’s First Amendment Rights of Free Speech have been violated by a government entity. Her ability to earn a living has been seriously damaged by her being fired (or “suspended”). And the threats of bodily harm are criminal.
Hill should pursue all legal action against the district and every teacher they can find who threatened her. All these bullies need to be held accountable and punished to the full extent of the law. And every one of them need to be fired -- not just suspended. Do we really want those people teaching our children and running our schools?
It wasn't bad enough that radical #RedforEd used parents, students, and, yes, even teachers as hostages and political pawns for the selfish interests of a few thousand agitators whose real intentions are to get liberal Democrats elected; now they go even further by physically threatening a teacher who disagrees with their actions and motives. Ahh, the state of today's public education system: easily manipulated by radical leftists and union thugs. Time to pull the plug and start over.
Yours in the Cause of Truth,

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