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Taking Back America By Taking Back Our Schools

Have you noticed that, in countless situations involving students, School Resource officers are, either conspicuously absent or actively participating in, bullying conservatives by teachers and students?

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Comment by ronald charles vrooman on March 30, 2019 at 9:58am

While I appreciate the focus on education. that isn't the area to cure. the area where a cure can be effected, Is at the state level. 1st amendment assembly., Common Law Grand Jury(Williams v US Antonin Scalia for the majority SCOTUS) Article III amendment VII one supreme Court of record without appeal. court's orders to Sheriffs. We need to take our states back. The US inc of DC is a construct of the states. The state of state is a construct of the State which is controlled by we the people. the states control their creation the enumerated DC government.


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