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CORRECTION: Superintendent Douglas Travels to Washington, D.C. To Advocate for Funding, Flexibility, Arizona Standards


In a press release distributed Friday March 27 from the Arizona Department of Education, a statement was made that the Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas met with Sen. Patty Murphy while in Washington, D.C. At the last minute Sen. Murphy was called to the White House and the Superintendent and her colleagues at the Council of Chief Superintendents of Schools Organizations (CCSSO) conference were unable to meet with her.

Contact: Sally Stewart



(Phoenix, Ariz., March 27, 2015) – Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas just returned from the national Council of Chief Superintendents of Schools Organization (CCSSO) annual conference in Washington, D.C.  While there, she met with fellow state superintendents from around the United States and conferred on a number of topics.

The CCSSO was very supportive and favorable to the approach for public input and continuing high standards that she is implementing for Arizona, Douglas said.  In addition, she networked with her colleagues and they discussed innovations being proposed in each state and at the national level.


Superintendent Douglas and Chief of Staff Michael Bradley had a private meeting with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.  They discussed a number of issues, including standards, funding and flexibility proposals.  The discussion was outstanding and an ongoing dialogue schedule has been established. Douglas had lunch with Duncan following the meeting.


Douglas also met with President Obama to discuss education policy and funding.  It was very cordial and the President was supportive and revealed an interest in increasing funding for early education and gap coverages at the federal level.


The Superintendent also discussed education policy with Sen. Lamar Alexander, Sen. Patty Murray and other Congressional leaders in their private chambers on the Hill.  Superintendent Douglas advocated for funding, flexibility and Arizona-based standards and proposals.


“I had my doubts about the CCSSO since they wrote Common Core and about meeting with the Democrat controlled federal executive branch.  I did so, because education funding and flexibility for Arizona is essential.”  Douglas continued, “I am very glad for the experience.  CCSSO was completely supportive of my plans for continuous improvement and the Secretary and President both expressed support for continued federal funding to help our most disadvantaged children.”


The Superintendent has scheduled regular conversations with CCSSO, her fellow state superintendents, and with Secretary Duncan.


“The continuous flow of information back and forth will allow Arizona to move forward independently without the federal government punishing us fiscally for our initiatives to help children that might differ from those pursued by other states,” Douglas said.



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Comment by Merrianne Geisdorf on March 28, 2015 at 12:28am

Sounds like Secretary Duncan, the CCSSO and President Obama all SAID the right things to her in D.C. However, time will tell how supportive they truly are. I am skeptical. I pray that Superintendent Douglas will remain vigilant when it comes to dealing with them.

Comment by Harry Mathews on March 28, 2015 at 2:54am

You are right to be skeptical MG. The thought of shaking hands with Obama gives me the creeps. Actually, if she told him "Death to America" she would probably get anything she asked for


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