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11-20-15 EAN 

Before the Off Cycle Election of 2015, property tax rates increased to over 5.25% for Gilbert Public Schools (doubling in 4 years) 


the November election (Off Cycle, mail in only ballot, funded largely by corporations who stand to get rich off the increased cash flow) alone cost the citizens nearly $300,000) gave Gilbert Public Schools another $18.6 million in a 10% Override


the November election also brought a $98million bond which is a third mortgage on every property in Gilbert for the next 20 years


Something like $30 million in INTEREST ALONE on the new bond debt because of the lousy interest rate


all this on top of over $100 million in debt already owed by the schools


Statewide, as a result of this massive push for tax increases, property owners have been saddled with $100's of millions in new taxes which will be largely used to enrich education bureaucrats, politicans, government employee unions, an MOST OF ALL the crony corporations who funded this push and NOT children


just last night we learned that a new park will be built in Gilbert (price tag? no one seems to know yet but the architectural plans ALONE cost $732,000)  by another Fascist corporation that got a ONE BID / NO BID CONTRACT

(wonder who paid off who for this priviledge and how much it cost)


NOW we learn the Edu-Fascists want ANOTHER OFF CYCLE ELECTION IN 6 MONTHS!! 

($3.5 billion!! $2 billion by raiding the Land Trust and the rest in another "tax the rich" scheme)


       wait for it,

                           "The Children".

If you believe THAT, i have some ocean front property in Gilbert Arizona I would like to sell you!



PHOENIX — The campaign to deliver Arizona schools an additional $3.5 billion over the next decade is now official.

Proponents of Prop 123 filed registration paperwork at the Arizona Secretary of State's office Thursday afternoon.

The registration follows a two-day special legislative session convened last month by Gov. Doug Ducey.

Ducey signed a package of bills Oct. 30 that will pump $3.5 billion into K-12 education over the next decade to settle a long-running lawsuit stemming from the state's decision to raid school spending during the Great Recession.

The settlement cash comes from $1.4 billion in general fund money and $2 billion from a state land trust.

However the legislation requires that voters approve Prop 123 in a special election scheduled for May 17.

Ducey says he'll campaign to build public support.

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