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SIECUS Wants To Sexualize Your Children

What would you consider to be a “sex positive home”?

SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council for the United States) just held their webinar called Consent, Sex Positivity, and Pleasure: Filling in the Gaps in Sex Education.

According to their website, this virtual event explored the importance of centering sex positivity and pleasure when teaching young people about consensual sexual expression.

A sex positive home is a “sex positive upbringing” which makes sure that young people have the right to sexual pleasure because sexual pleasure is a human right. Because sex is a fundamental human right, it must be de-stigmatized.

At what age does sexuality begin?

According to the SIECUS panelists, it feels good before we are born. However, young peoples’ first experience does not include pleasure; sexual pleasure is developmental. Siecus believes that:

● Very young people need help to express sexual pleasure or displeasure

● Very young people need to prioritize their own pleasure

● Pediatricians should talk about sexuality to patients

● We need Sex Ed Standards from Kindergarten and up

● Sexual consent is a life skill that has to be practiced

● Sexual Citizenship as a mode of civic engagement should be encouraged

● Sex positivity should be a community experience

● Push the idea that children should have sexual autonomy

Should the above be considered child exploitation?

The panelists discussed how to get sex ed into the schools to promote sexual pleasure and consent. Their answer is providing the FLASH and 3R’s for free and available for use in the classroom. Family Watch International has identified Flash and the 3R's as very harmful to minor children! Siecus suggested that sexual assault discussions in school are opportune vehicles to talk about sexuality.

Who is the barrier to all of these dangerous ideas for our children? YOU!

Siecus considers parents as the main obstacle to achieving their objectives. Just like Planned Parenthood.

So what can you do?

  1. Know your parental rights, click here.
  2. Find out what is being taught to your children or grandchildren.

Remember: You are the first line of defense for our children!

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