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School Children Drafted to Protest Against Tea Party 3-26-10

K-12 Children took a "field trip" on public school buses to the TEA Party on Friday at the Capitol and were handed professionally pre-printed protest signs by their teachers and told to stand out on the street to protest against the TEA Party. Hello? Is this a good way to spend our tax dollars? Is this a good way to treat our children? Is this the way we want our teachers to behave? This is a new low and that is getting harder to accomplish these days.

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Comment by Merrianne Geisdorf on March 27, 2010 at 2:45pm
Go to this website to read the entire article. AND, you can open/download the actual sex guide to judge for yourselves. It is certainly NOT something I want my granddaughters or anyone else's granddaughters given. "Evidence Mounts that Girl Scouts Distributed Dangerous Planned Parenthood Sex Guide at UN Panel for Girls."


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