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Sen. Ron Gould, R-Lake Havasu City, said the issue goes beyond fairness. He said the current system allows school officials to hike taxes without provoking an outcry because homeowners bear only a part of the burden.
"If you believe in local control, the closer that you put the taxation, the closer to the spenders of those tax dollars that the collectors and the spenders are together, the better off it is for people, rather than having the state collect the money and then reimburse it in an unfair manner like they normally do,'' he said.

Agreed and the same issue applies to the out-of-district students and the Open Enrollment Program which was established in the name of school choice. The way to create more school choice is to support charter school development (especially those who are achieving good outcomes for students) and to require the underperforming schools to improve to the point where parents want their children to attend those schools, not just bus them to another school in a different district. Open enrollment shifts the tax burden onto the homeowners in districts who have good performing schools and away from the homeowners in the underperforming districts.

As Ron Gould states above the closer the taxation occurs to the spenders of those taxes, the better off it is for the tax payers.

As Rep. Chad Campbell D-Phoenix conceded, "the fairness argument is a strong one".

Yes, exactly!

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