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REPORT: AZ SBOE Special Public Meeting on 8-12-13


            Today I attended the Arizona State Board of Education Special Public Meeting at the Flinn Foundation and all I could think about was the Westminster Dog Show only this dog show was right out an episode of the Twilight Zone. The board trotted out their "dogs" to try impress the judges… who are all located at the Federal Department of Education.
Problem is these lazy, mangy, flee bitten, tick infested good for nothing mutts came from the Federal DOE and their cronies but cost like purebreds

            These dogs won’t perform, but the Feds will sure get a kick out of watching us squirm in the process of trying to make them jump through the hoops. Yes, they set us up to fail so they can swoop in with more programs to fix what they broke which we will pay dearly for. And, exactly whom benefits from all this?? Taxpayers? Parents? Teachers? Children? No, the Feds and the consortia who produced these dogs in the first place.

            What to do?! What to do?! After a 2 hour presentation they brought in their group think facilitator who would make it all better. That was my cue to leave. I don’t need to feel better about their bad decisions.

            No one is asking the right questions here, like:

Who needs this abuse?

Why not tell the Feds to pound sand?

Why not find a cheap test that already exists THAT WORKS!?

Why not dump the feds and come up with our own testing?

Do we really need to buy every kid in the state a new laptop every year even though most teenagers can type 60 words a minute with one thumb on their smartphone?

Do we have to redesign our curriculum every few years in order to keep consortia, bureaucrats and textbook publishers fat and give them a reason to exist?

Do we have to have something “new” all the time in order to teach basics like reading writing and arithmetic when back in the day, before all of this innovation and technology, kids were better educated?

It would appear that our “pop culture” has produced a desire for “pop education” where the latest fad is what we all have to sign onto so it can make the "rock star" consortium rich beyond the wildest dreams of avarice.

Who will save us from their madness?

And besides, that dog won’t hunt.


Harry Mathews ~ admin. EAN

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Comment by Beth K Mathews on August 12, 2013 at 4:07pm
Thank you for representing many of us and thank you for posting, Harry. Blessings and strength to you.
Comment by Beth K Mathews on August 12, 2013 at 4:13pm
Comment by karen gevaert on August 12, 2013 at 11:49pm

Another ''GREAT ARTICLE.''


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