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Redirect your Arizona State Tax Dollars

One way you can do something about this today to decrease their funding is to redirect your Arizona state income tax dollars to the school + charity of your choosing. These charter/religious schools are not unionized and produce successful students because their focus is on the student. Their product is tied to their income, so they have to be accountable!

Catholic Charities

CTODP - Catholic Tuition Organization of the Diocese of Phoenix

These are just three of the many websites you can go to find out more. This is very easy to do and costs you nothing! You can redirect up to $1000/household for schools of your choice and up to $400/household for the charity of your choice. If any of you have any connection to a charter school check in their office for a form and see what their individual limit is. For instance Horizon Community Learning Center has a $200/individual and $400/household limit so you can redirect to them and then choose another school until you reach your individual/household limit.

If you are not already participating in this program, please look into it and make your choices. You will feel good about it and you will be supporting charter schooling and charities which return a large % of $'s directly to those in need.

It is easy and costs you nothing!

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