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#RedforEd: Socialist 24-Year-Old Leading National Leftist Teachers Movement Has Not Passed U.S. Constitution Test Arizona Requires of Educators

Noah Karvelis — the 24-year old Arizona music teacher who was credited with launching the national #RedforEd (RFE)movement that spawned teachers’ strikes in Arizona in March 2018 and subsequently in other states around the country — holds just a “provisional” teaching certificate, having failed to complete the required coursework and pass tests on the U.S. Constitution and the Arizona Constitution.


It is no wonder that the Wonder Boy, of the Teacher Union front group "Red For Ed", doesn't know our Constitution. He is also the Wonder Boy of the 2018 Socialism Convention:

Vocal #RedforEd leaders Noah Korvellis and Dylan Wegala both spoke at the 2018 Socialism Conference. 

Wegala was one of 6 speakers during the “Rank-and-File Teachers Speak: How We Organized the Rebellion.”  The event took place in Chicago July 5th-8th. The speaches were promoted online and on the events Facebook page.

Noah Karvellis spoke during the “ Workers Strike Back: Voices of the Teachers' Rebellion.” Noah talked about the events that led up to the Teachers Walkout in Arizona. He also talked about the switch from #RedforEd to #InvestinArizona. The crowd at the 2018 Socialism Conference cheered and  chanted after Karvellis mentioned the proposed ballot initiative to raise taxes on the top 1% in Arizona.


And, just in case you don't believe that RFE is a front group for the teacher unions, just watch the video from the Arizona Education Association:

The video claims that RFE and the AEA are doing what they do "for the children". Yet, virtually every RFE and AEA backed candidate openly promotes Planned Parenthood and the wholesale slaughter of innocent children; even children who are already born. More on that to come later....much, much more. The RFE symbol should be a meat cleaver instead of a Hammer and Sickle; although i am sure those tools would work for the task they have in mind.

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