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Public Schools: Auditor General Finds Overfunding, Overstaffing, Gross Fiscal Abuse, Lack of Adequate Controls on Fraud Risks, Overpayment To Venders, Etc.

School district performance audits—These audits revealed some common issues that affect the
accountability and effective use of public monies. Among the 11 districts we audited, we found that some
districts overstaffed operational areas; misreported mileage resulting in the State overfunding district
transportation; did not conduct random drug and alcohol tests of school bus drivers or conduct proper
preventative maintenance resulting in school bus safety violations; lacked adequate controls to minimize
the risks of errors, fraud, and unauthorized access to student information and accounting systems; shifted
monies out of the classroom into other operational areas; had teacher performance pay goals that were
so easily met that they did not promote improved performance; and paid performance monies for goals
that were not met.
We also conducted 31 school district follow-up visits. Cumulatively, those districts reported saving millions
of dollars by implementing audit recommendations such as consolidating bus routes; eliminating

payments for unproductive time; re-bidding poor contracts; recovering over payments made to vendors;
reducing administrative, plant operations, and transportation positions; and reducing electricity costs.

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Comment by karen gevaert on August 26, 2013 at 8:22am

If a audit was done on school districts, is it possible to see if one was done on Mesa school district.  I went into web-site, only generalizations.

Comment by Harry Mathews on August 26, 2013 at 6:58pm

They said they only audited 11 Districts out of i think it's 227 so who knows if Mesa was audited or not?


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