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Planned Parenthood is cool in TUHSD, but not Catholics

I'm not sure who picked the Tempe Union High School Sex Ed committee members and why. 


Angie Thornton asks why the public is concerned that Planned Parenthood may be entering TUHSD through its health classes.  Well, maybe because on January 7, 2014 the committee allowed 90 minutes for Ms. Vicki Hadd-Wisler, Planned Parenthood's educational arm, to present three curriculums.  Ms. Thornton can read the minutes if she doesn't remember the presentation she attended.


Also, the citizens have asked the committee more than once to google FLASH Sex Ed--Planned Parenthood because many links reflecting their relationship pop up. Evidently the committee members are having technical challenges.


More importantly, it's been said that when God was kicked out of the schools over 50 years ago, anything else was allowed to enter.  You decide.


I wonder if those Catholics should be teaching anything?  Should they teach science?  The Catholic Church invented the college system and runs an observatory in conjuction with The University of Arizona.  Should Catholics teach health?  Not sure, the Catholic Church runs numerous hospitals, though.  Should Catholics teach social studies?  Well, the Catholic church has missions and charitable organizations around the world, they get around.  Should Catholics teach P.E.?  There are some Catholic universities that are pretty good at basketball.  Art classes?  I hear the Sistine Chapel is pretty nice.


Will we hear a similar debate in Tempe regarding atheists teaching our children?






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Comment by karen gevaert on April 22, 2014 at 9:20am

Thank you Peggy and Harry for showing the "true meaning of "P.P."


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