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Planned Parenthood and UNFPA Pushing Sexual Rights for Ten Year Olds

April 23, 2012

Today the battle began at the UN Commission on Population and Development (CPD) over whether children as young as 10 years old have “sexual rights” with all the harm that entails. The document to be negotiated during the conference entitled “Adolescents and Youth” seeks to give minors the same kind of autonomous rights as legal young adults.

Already the “Zero Draft,” which has not even been loaded yet with all the truly radical proposals from the developed nations, not only calls for “comprehensive sexuality education” for children as young as ten, among other things, but in the entire draft there is not one mention of the essential role that mothers, fathers, and families play in the lives of their children.

This document is expected to get worse as negotiations progress and rich western nations try to force their sexual agenda on the youth of developing countries. The text’s obsessive focus on family planning and sexual and reproductive health shows the stamp of International Planned Parenthood Federation’s (IPPF) agenda. In fact, I would not be surprised if IPPF and UNFPA jointly drafted this initial document.

Here are some excerpts from an IPPF document revealing what they plan to promote at this year’s Commission on Population and Development (bolding and bracketed comments added):

“We believe that young people [as young as 10] have the right to decide on matters concerning their sexual and reproductive health in line with their
evolving capacity, not their age.”

“We believe that where parental involvement in young people’s [10 year olds’] SRH [sexual and reproductive health] decision-making is mandated by law, young people feel less comfortable accessing services or information [read: contraception and abortion] from health professionals [read: Planned Parenthood clinics].”

“We believe that no young person should be forced by law to disclose
their sexual activity or relationship to anyone, including parents or

“We believe that parental consent and notification laws should be abolished.”

“We believe that young people [as young as 10] have the right to decide if, when and how to involve their parents or guardians in their SRH decision-making.”
“We believe that health professionals have a duty to uphold their young clients’ [age 10] right to privacy.”

“We believe that governments, health professionals and parents have a responsibility to ensure that young people [as young as age 10] are equipped and
empowered with the knowledge and skills that they require to exercise
their own rights and make autonomous decisions
about their SRH.”

“We believe that the concept of evolving capacity is a useful concept for supporting young people’s SRH decision-making and should be used in place of strict age restrictions.”

International Planned Parenthood’s plan could be compared to a beer company trying to lower the legal drinking age to create more customers. How does IPPF make millions of dollars? By hooking kids on sex and then by selling them sex counseling, contraception, STD testing and abortion services. It is understandable why they do not want any pesky parents getting in their way of providing these services to children who they claim are “evolving” in their sexual capacities.

Not to be out done by their ally, Planned Parenthood, UNFPA is conducting a survey (click here to see it) that asks among other things (italics added):

“Circle yes if national laws, regulations, and/or policies concerning gender based violence address the following: Hate crimes in relation to sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity” (See 2.23)

“Are there national laws, regulations, and/ or policies that regulate the provision of comprehensive sexuality education in primary, secondary and higher education institutions and for adolescents not enrolled in school?” [They want CSE legally mandated beginning in primary school.] (See 3.12)

“Circle yes if the national law, regulations and/or policies related to universal access to SRH include the following services: . . .Safe abortion services, Post abortion care. . .” (See 4.14)

“Are there national laws, regulations and/or policies criminalizing the following activity: Access to safe abortion, Consensual sexual activity outside of marriage, . . .Consensual same sex sexual activity, Sex work . . .”[The answer they are looking for is “no.”] (see 4.21)

We will have a full team at CPD the entire week helping UN member countries fight the sexual rights agenda. If this CPD is anything like the past few years, we will be up all night fighting this fight to protect the innocence of children.

One urgent additional item: we need all the financial support we can get to continue this effort to protect the family. Will you consider making a donation to support our work at CPD this year? We urgently need your help. Click here to make a donation easily and securely online. Any amount will help, but if you are in a position to give generously, that would be a great help and support to our work.

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater

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Study Finds Abstinence Education Reduces Teen Sexual Activity.
Data gathered from the observation of more than 1,100 ninth grade students in Georgia who participated in the “Choosing the Best” abstinence curriculum in 2009 – 2010 revealed that there was a significant impact after one school year on the students’ commitment to abstinence. Read more here.

IVF Babies Have Higher Risk of Heart Problems. The researchers conducting the study eliminated a number of factors to explain the greater risk and speculated that the problem may stem from manipulation of the embryo in the IVF process. Read more here.

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