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Planned Parenthood and Sex Ed is a problem for Tempe Union, but not for obvious reasons

Although I graduated from McClintock and all of my kids attended Marcos de Niza, I never concerned myself too much with what the Governing Board did.  Like most parents, I was dealing with the day to day activities and challenges of raising kids. 


That is what the current Superintendent and School Board want to hear.  But now that my kids are grown, like many others, I have more time to research where my tax money is going and question what exactly is going on behind those district walls.


Not that I get many answers.


Probably the worst thing for TUHSD administration is the Planned Parenthood controversy, not due to the content, but due to the fact parents and taxpayers are attending meetings, visiting the district's website, and asking questions. 


We learned Superintendent Baca misled the media and parents in January as to Planned Parenthood's original involvement in curriculum development.


We learned that the charade between Board Member David Schapira and Committee Member Bronwyn Paes denying anyone in particular from TUHSD invited Planned Parenthood to the January meeting was indeed a charade.  This poorly acted chapter took place in February of 2014, but it was in September of 2013 that Ms. Paes sent an email to Planned Parenthood inquiring about curriculum.


The Sex Ed Committee was clearly hand-picked to support a pro-premarital sex agenda.  At least one citizen who requested that he be appointed to the committee was ignored.  Is it a coincidence this individual has spoken out against pre-marital sex in the past?  (This is the Delphi Technique, used by most governments to get the pre-determined result they want.)


Why did one lone dissenter on the Sex Ed committee who spoke against Planned Parenthood's FLASH curriculum vote for it anyway?  Did she feel pressured?  Would a NO vote affect her job in the District?


Why is the revised Sex Ed curriculum on display for less than two weeks, and some of that time is during Thanksgiving vacation?  Possibly because families are distracted or not even in town?


Why is the vote on the revised Sex Ed curriculum in December and not in January when families are less stretched with Christmas and Hanukkah activities?


Why is David Schapira voting for an agenda from an organization who donates to his campaigns?  Conflict of interest?   Does he owe Planned Parenthood a vote before he steps down in January?


How could Board President Mary Lou Taylor possibly vote against her daughter who was on the Sex Ed Committee and a huge advocate for Planned Parenthood?  Another conflict of interest?  At least Thanksgiving at their house will be peaceful.


Why does the District monitor a citizen's social media during business hours? 


Planned Parenthood is ONE issue.  What else does the TUHSD Superintendent and Governing Board not want us to know?


A few questions have crossed my mind:  How is money spent? Why so many assistant superintendents?  How are textbooks approved?  Why are textbooks approved when members of the Board haven't read them?  What are all those travel vouchers the Board approves?  What exactly is the new position that seems to have been created for Mr. Mirizio when Marcos de Niza was taken away from him?


Now that we have slightly jarred the District's door open, I am hoping the administration will be more transparent and partners with their families instead of opponents.


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