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Pearson Islamic Textbooks in American Schools, Part II

Arizona Freedom Alliance 4-3-17

[Editor: Our article on Pearson Textbook Co was read by a non-AFA member expert on what is going on in our schools today.  We received the comment below and felt it needed it's own page to help all of us understand the gravity of the situation. Parents & Grandparents: please do not put your kids in private schools.  Instead, find a top notch charter school with a staff that understands the situation and does not teach to the indoctrination program. Christian and other parochial schools and home schooling are also options but be sure to look at the curriculum with a stern eye.]

Comment on Pearson's Libyan Ownership and Islam-Based Textbooks [LINK] 

The data which the above referenced report [LINK] reveals is the reason I've been reviewing history textbooks in the Kyrene and Tempe Union School Districts. Have been since 2007. Everything the report says is accurate and then some! ...and, get this, it isn't only the history books which are involved in this treachery.

The attachments will give you an idea of what's taking place. Our local newspaper has printed my commentaries on the subject. What you see here is going on all over the U. S. We the people are being manipulated and destroyed by our own government via the education system. This has to stop!. Close the Dept of Education at the federal  level. Help Betsy DeVos find other employment—not that she needs it.

Let's encourage our school boards and our school superintendents to require the in depth teaching of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the fundamental beliefs of the Founding Fathers as presented in those documents. We fought a war about this, didn't we? As a matter of fact, we've fought several wars to preserve those beliefs.

We don't want to lose our nation because of the traitorous acts, knowing or unknowing, of our elected and appointed officials.

Perhaps a modified version of the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798 might be in order. Great Scott! How extreme! Maybe not, if you want to save our country and preserve our founding fundamentals. As they say in China, our "raison d'etre."

Enough to make the Pope lose his calm demeanor. 

Get the drift?

Attachment:  A-brief-review-o-proposed-TUHSD-textbooks-for-2015-2016-A-revised.pdf

Attachment:  We-the-People-a-text-book-review-(1)-12-27-13.pdf

Source; DK


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