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Parents angry after school tells 13-year-olds they can have sex, choose gender


Published December 10, 2014 Fox News

genderbread chart.jpg

Students at Acalanes High School in Northern California were given this gender identity chart in a sex ed class conducted by the local Planned Parenthood chapter.

Students at one northern California high school are learning more than just the birds and the bees.

Along with local area groups, some parents are irate that their children’s sex ed class at Acalanes High School in Lafayette is being taught by employees of Planned Parenthood without their prior knowledge. They are also fuming over the methods and materials being used, including a checklist that asks students if they are “ready for sex” and another worksheet that describes how to give and obtain consent, as well as a diagram that uses a "genderbread" person for lessons in gender identity.

“[Parents] are very concerned,” Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit legal organization that is assisting the concerned parents, told “Planned Parenthood is not exactly the best when it comes to putting young people first.

“They get more grants from the promiscuity of children,” he added. “The material they have provided was material that mirrored their agenda.”

“They get more grants from the promiscuity of children. The material they have provided was material that mirrored their agenda.”

- Brad Dacus, Pacific Justice Institute

It was the parents of ninth-graders at Acalanes that started raising questions after their children told them one instructor threw a model of female reproductive organs at one student and that many felt the sessions were pressuring them to have sex.

“Some of the kids were distracted because it was divergent from what they were taught at home,” Dacus said.

Acalanes Union School District officials told the institute the class was not taught by teachers but rather the staff from a local Planned Parenthood in nearby Walnut Creek.

Included in the materials provided to students were documents and worksheets that included a checklist entitled, “Sex Check! Are You Ready For Sex?” in which the 13 and 14-year-old students are asked questions such as if they have water–based lubricants and condoms and if they could handle a possible infection or pregnancy. Another worksheet reads like a how-to on obtaining consent from a possible sexual partner and offers possible statements like “Do you want to go back to my place?” and “Is it OK if I take my pants off?”

They were also taught about gender identity with the “Genderbread Person,” a play on the name of the holiday cookie, to teach them on how to identify themselves as either, “agender,” “bigender,” and “two spirit” to name a few.

“Our daughter took this course two years ago, after being provided the opportunity to opt out of the class,” John Lyons, whose two children attend AHS, told “The opt-out form provided a handful of bullet points about what the course would cover. After completing the course, it was apparent that some of what was ‘taught’ went beyond what was represented on the opt-out form. This is disappointing to us, because we are actually strong supporters of teen sex education in a peer environment to complement our home-based discussions.”

Lyons added that he and his wife were dismayed by how the students were instructed. He said valuable and factual information was delivered in a manner that seemed to promote Planned Parenthood's agenda regarding 'social justice' through sex education of teens.”

Officials for the Planned Parenthood’s Northern California region did not respond to requests for comment.

Parents in the district have started a petition that has garnered over 100 signatures and have asked that AHS provide a sex ed preview course offered live to parents by the same person who teaches the kids, prior to their taking the course, to give parents the full disclosure and knowledge necessary to make an informed decision regarding their child's participation. So far, the school has not responded to their requests. They are also asking for the school system to develop and implement their own curriculum.

The Pacific Justice Institute has warned Acalanes Union High School District it may be in violation of the law.

“We have not seen any documentation to indicate that distribution of the surveys complied with either Federal law of the California Education Code as to parental notification,” reads a section of PJI’s letter, citing that a federal amendment on the protection of pupil rights states that schools must acquire written parental consent before a student is required to participate in surveys, analysis, or evaluations.

The also reference a California education code that contains the same requirements.

“Notably, the law does not merely require notice; it requires specific parental permission for this type of survey to be administered,” reads the letter.

Officials for the Acalanes Union High School District did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

A number of parents are expected to come out in force to a public district meeting on Wednesday to demand that their concerns be addressed.

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Comment by Joanne Daley on December 10, 2014 at 12:15am

My step brother and sister went to Acalanes HS. It was one of the top schools in CA for decades..... guess times change.

Comment by Harry Mathews on December 10, 2014 at 12:26am

This is happening in every school, step, by step, by depraved step

Comment by Peggy McClain on December 10, 2014 at 8:42am
Does anyone remember the Tempe Union High School Board showing its gender video they approved last week? I don't recall the Board or Supertendent Baca being up front about it either.

It's not this one, but Planned Parenthood has several flavors to choose from.

Remember these things when it's time for Baca's contract renewal.
Comment by Harry Mathews on December 10, 2014 at 10:10am

Can these people be so blind that they cannot see the damage that is being done to their children? Is it possible that they are indifferent to the destruction that will be wrought on society by this madness? I cannot fathom how a parent or anyone for that matter can turn a blind eye to this depraved misguided evil. It is all couched in terms of tolerance and inclusiveness but they seek to be intolerant and exclude anyone who seeks to raise their children with even a shred of common decency. This does not end well 


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