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Obama Biography, Required Reading For Fourth Graders

Minute Man News 11-23-13

Some parents in Dupo, Ill. are not happy that a biography of President Barack Obama is required reading for fourth-graders. They say the book contains a host of controversial elements, not least of which is that it casts white Americans who disagree with Obama’s politics as racist.

Fourth-grade students at Bluffview Elementary School were instructed that they would be tested and graded on the book’s contents, reports

The book, called simply “Barack Obama,” is published by Lerner Publications. The author, Jane Sutcliffe, appears to specialize in these kinds of biographies. She has written similar titles about Jesse Owens, Ronald Reagan, Sacagawea and Milton Hershey.

The kerfuffle about the book originally bubbled up through a Facebook page called Moms Against Duncan (MAD). The group actively opposes implementation of the Common Core curriculum.

EAGNews notes that the Obama book is part of Scholastic’s “Reading Counts” program and an acceptable title under the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which attempts to standardize various K-12 curricula around the country.

You can view a sample of the bio on Google Books.
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Comment by brenda p. harrell on November 24, 2013 at 11:25am

The dumbing down and brainwashing and indoctrination of our children, along with data mining. Such great schools aren't they? The parents and teachers need to protest common core and stand up against Obama and his propaganda. When are the American people going to say enough and actually do something about this?

Comment by Harry Mathews on November 24, 2013 at 1:03pm

Brenda, to date, 2/3 of Americans have never heard of Common Core. That is certainly part of the problem. Noone who knows what it's all about truly likes it.


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