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Now, It Seems, the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Wants AZ School Children Murdered

Now, it seems, the Arizona Superintendent of Child Sodomy, Kathy Hoffman, Wants AZ School Children Murdered.

     Kathy Hoffman,Superintendent of Public Instruction, has set herself up as law maker now. Since when does the AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction have this much power? 

     Hoffman, who was instrumental in pushing through pro-homosexual/pro-pedophile bill SB1346, now wants your guns. And, she stated that she will not let laws, or the failure of their passage, to stop her agenda:

Superintendent Hoffman to Host Press Conference on School Safety


WHO:          Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, Senator Kate Brophy-McGee, Representative Daniel Hernandez, as well as Jordan Harb, Emma Rowland and Nathan Simmons (representatives from March for Our Lives AZ)


WHAT:        Announce the creation of the School Safety Task Force


WHERE:      Arizona Capitol Rose Garden, 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007


WHEN:        2:30-3:00 p.m. Monday, May 13


WHY:          Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman will host a press conference to announce the creation of the School Safety Task Force and move forward with many of the policies outlined in HB2597 in order to identify best practices, model programs and find successful strategies to improve mental health supports in public schools. At the press conference, Superintendent Hoffman, members of the legislature and representatives from March for Our Lives will address the need for improved programs that address school safety in Arizona.  


DETAILS:    Although HB2597 has died, the Arizona Department of Education will continue to advance components of the bill and assist schools with development of their safety plans.

The movement called“March For Our Lives” consists of brainwashed underaged children who have been weaponized by radical Leftists to push forward the situation where there are no guns in schools, or in society for that matter, except for those held by so called “Resource Officers” (A.K.A. Thought Police), other government agents or criminals. We have seen time and time again that “Gun Free Zones” cause deaths.This fact was born out in Florida when the “Resource Officers” at Stoneman Douglas High School decided to wait until the shooting stopped before getting involved. That is why the state of Florida passed a bill recently allowing teachers to carry ....

Arizona school children will be murdered

We have seen time and time again that gun free zones cause death

Even though HB2597 died, Hoffman will push it forward anyway. If she is successful, we will have a truly totalitarian police state where “safety” is the catch all to bully and intimidate anyone with politically incorrect thoughts.

To make matters worse, “Purple For Parents”(P4P) also wants more “Resource Officers” (RO's)... This is a policy that has failed to protect children in the past and in fact, as we saw with Perry High School in Gilbert, it creates an unsafe environment for conservative students as the RO's harassed, intimidated and bullied students for wearing MAGA gear. It is also rumored that Governor Ducey favors such policies.

Thus, one must conclude that P4P, Governor Ducey (the “ice cream man” that no one trusts), the Leftocrats (Democrat Party), Kathy Hoffman, and many other  totalitarian groups, want to turn Arizona into a Stalinist police state.

There had better be some serious pushback from some quarter immediately or we are doomed.

Once such policies are put in place, it is only a matter of time before there is a mass shooting or two in Arizona. Then what will we do? Ban kitchen knives?

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