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“In case you think this documentary is about New Jersey, it’s not. It’s about American Education – a multi-billion dollar cartel” – Bob Bowden


            The amount of research done to produce this documentary is impressive. Even though New Jersey is the poster child for dysfunctional K-12 education systems, the film vividly shows the same problems we have right here in Arizona.


Example: Maryland has a (slightly) larger population than Arizona yet Arizona has nearly 10 times as many school districts!!!


Example: Riverside Elementary School District: 720 students!

Example: Gila Bend Unified School District: 470 students!

Example: Maricopa County Regional District: 310 students!

Example: Morristown Elementary District: 196 students!

Example: Paloma School District: 72 students!

Hackberry School District: 51 students!

Owns-Whitney Elementary District: 47 students!

Yucca Elementary District: 34 students!

Empire Elementary District: 15 students!


The list goes on and on!!!


It’s highly likely that in at least some of these school districts there are far more employees and administrators than students!

(Source: The Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Report 2008-2009 )


Reforming Education is not about needing more money. It is about using money more responsibly, free market principles and school choice.

$2.2 Million from teachers unions got Prop. 100 passed, which nets the Education Cartel in Arizona a cool $1.8 Billion over the next 3 years!

Tell everyone you know about this movie and expose the crimes taking place right under our very noses.

"They've been pimping our children for a very long time" - Dana Rone-City Council-Newark, NJ


Order your copy-right this minute!

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