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MU students: Remove statue of ‘racist rapist’ Thomas Jefferson

By  | October 12, 2015 

Some students at the University of Missouri are so bothered by a statue of Thomas Jefferson they’ve issued a petition to have it removed. In two months, only 71 of the requested 100 signatures have signed on.

Part of the petition reads:

Thomas Jefferson’s statue sends a clear nonverbal message that his values and beliefs are supported by the University of Missouri. Jefferson’s statue perpetuates a sexist-racist atmosphere that continues to reside on campus.The University of Missouri Statement of Values include: Respect – “demonstrated by a commitment to act ethically, to welcome difference, and to engage in open exchange about both ideas and decisions”; and Responsibility – “a sense of responsibility requires careful reflection on one’s moral obligations.

Being responsible imposes the duty on us and our university to make decisions by acknowledging the context and considering consequences, both intended and unintended, of any course of action” (University of Missouri, 2015). Removing Jefferson’s statue alone will not eliminate the racial problems we face in America today, but it will help cure the emotional and psychological strain of history.


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