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Moral People Unfit for Public Office or Parenthood?

Recently, the European Humanist Federation, the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA), and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) tried to prevent the appointment of Maltese candidate Mr. Tonio Borg as European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection by the European Parliament (EP). While he was ultimately approved, this fight raises troubling issues for the future of the family and family values in the European Union. This, in turn, raises questions about the future of the EU itself.

No one disputed Mr. Borg’s strong qualifications for this position. The vehement opposition to his candidacy was solely based on his religious beliefs and personal views regarding the family, homosexuality and abortion. Amazingly, these lobbying organizations depicted Mr. Borg’s Catholic beliefs and opinions as incompatible with “European values,” even though the fundamental rights of freedom of conscience, belief and opinion are core values on which the European Union was founded.

Family Watch wrote a letter to the European Parliament (EP) committees reviewing Mr. Borg’s candidacy and asked them to ignore the critical comments made by the European Humanist Federation, ILGA, and IPPF. Once the committees approved his nomination, we sent an action alert to our members across Europe urging them to contact their representatives in the parliament to support his nomination. We are grateful for the many who did this.

The fact that Borg’s fitness for public office was challenged on the basis of his religious beliefs and values is quite troubling. It is just the latest example of a trend developing in Europe and elsewhere where even parents are being increasingly attacked by government entities for “harming” their children simply for having conservative views, practices, and now even their political affiliations.

Some other examples:

  • Recently a couple in Rotherham, England had their three foster children taken from them because of their membership in the UK Independence Party (UKIP). A local council run by a different political party took the children away from the foster parents because of UKIP’s stance on curbing mass immigration. Social workers told the couple that UKIP had “racist” policies, and their party membership made them unfit caretakers even though, ironically, their foster children were ethnic minorities. Read more about this story here.

  • Last year, also in the UK, an evangelical couple was denied a foster care license because they planned to teach their children that homosexuality is wrong. Read more about this story here.

  • In Sweden, parents who do not have their children vaccinated for religious reasons can have their children taken away by the government. Domenic Johansson was “state-napped” at age seven in 2009 as his family was leaving Sweden for India on the grounds that his parents were home-schooling him without a permit. Once Domenic was in the hands of the state, government officials also claimed he had not been vaccinated. Then they severely restricted Domenic’s contact with his parents for over two years and tried to sever their parental rights, claiming he lacked dental care and health checks.

    Ruby Harrold-Claesson, a dedicated lawyer and good friend of Family Watch, won the case for the parents after introducing significant evidence demonstrating major fallacies in the arguments used by the Gotland Social Welfare Committee to keep the boy under state care. The decision is posted here. Despite the extensive damage done to the family, with the mother suffering multiple cardiac arrests since the removal of her son and the father missing out on good employment in India and suffering his own anxiety attacks, SWC decided to appeal the verdict.

These examples demonstrate once again that those of us committed to protecting religious freedom, parental rights and other family values must recognize that harmful and undue governmental interference is a major threat. We must be vigilant and proactive, including electing representatives who respect fundamental human rights and traditional values and who will ensure that government bureaucrats do the same.

We foresee major battles in the U.S. Congress and in parliaments across the world this coming year as radical advocates of the sexual rights agenda continue their attacks on religious freedoms and parental rights.

Family Watch will continue to bring you the latest news on these issues and send out action alerts suggesting things you can do to join us in protecting the values we all hold dear.

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater

P.S. We are still far short of the funding we need to confront these challenges in the coming year. We are very grateful for each of you who have contributed. If you have not done so yet, please click here to give the most generous donation you can so we can continue to bring you important news and commentary and fight for the family at the United Nations and in countries around the world.

News Items of Interest


Pediatricians Encouraged to Prescribe “Abortion Pill.” A new policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics urges pediatricians to talk to teens about emergency contraception and to prescribe it to their teenage patients who have had unprotected sex. Emergency contraception is highly controversial and has been linked to numerous deaths. Read more here.

U.S. CDC Reports Twelve Abortion Deaths and Abortion Rate Decline in 2009. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported that the abortion rate fell five percent and suggested that the economy may be a partial reason for the decline. Women are more careful to use contraception when the economy is bad. In addition, the report revealed that in the U.S. 12 women died from abortion complications. Read more here.

New head of UK Girl Guiding is Leading Abortion Activist. Julia Bentley, the former chief executive of the Family Planning Association (the UK branch of Planned Parenthood) has been appointed as the new head of the country’s Girl Guide organization. Bentley referred to the Girl Guide organization as “the ultimate feminist organization.” Among other things, the Family Planning Organization sold sex toys online to customers and sold a “condom demonstrator” as a resource for children ages 11 and older. Many are concerned about Bentley heading up the Girl Guides. Read more here.

World Health Organization Prescribes Unsafe Abortion for Poor Women. The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute reports that a new manual on how to perform abortions published by the World Health Organization (WHO) advocates for substandard medical care and proposes a ban on all abortion limits. The manual recommends disposing of fetal remains in sewers or latrines. Read more here.

Human Sexuality

Landmark Study Showing Negative Outcomes for Homosexual Parenting Published. The study published in the journal Social Science Research by University of Texas scholar Mark Regnerus has been widely criticized by homosexual activists. The study compared 40 social, emotional and relational outcomes for adult children aged 18-39 who were raised by a parent involved in a same-sex relationship. Among other negative findings, the study revealed that 23 percent of children with a lesbian mother had been touched sexually by a parent or another adult. Read more here.

ACLU Sues Schools Over Lesbian Children’s Book. The ACLU of Utah says that for children to be required to get their parents’ permission to read “In Our Mothers’ House,” a book about a family headed by a lesbian couple, is a violation of the first amendment. A petition signed by 25 parents asking the Davis School District to pull the book from library shelves was submitted to the district last spring. Read more here.

Homosexuals Accuse Group of False Promises. Four homosexual men have accused a New Jersey-based organization, Jews Offering New Alternatives to Healing (JONAH) of selling “conversion therapy” to reorient them to heterosexuality. The men claim the therapy does not work and that they were subjected to humiliation. Read more here.

Marriage Related

Employee Demoted for Pro-traditional Marriage Comments Wins Lawsuit. Adrian Smith was removed from his management position and had his salary cut by 40 percent after he posted on his personal Facebook page that same-sex marriages in churches were “an equality too far.” Smith filed a lawsuit against his employer, the Trafford Housing Trust, and Britain’s High Court ruled that he was unfairly demoted and found his employer guilty of breach of contract. Read more here.

Protestors Clash in France. A march organized by Catholics who oppose France’s draft law to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples turned ugly when a Ukrainian homosexual activist group showed up chanting “in gay we trust” and spraying the crowd with white powder. Violence soon erupted and a near riot ensued. Read more here.

Nigeria House of Representatives Defies West with Resolution Banning Same-sex Marriage. A bill prohibiting same-sex marriages and civil unions is working its way through the House. A similar bill was passed by the Senate. Nigeria has been threatened by Western nations with the withholding of aid money if it does not recognize homosexual rights including marriage. Read more here.

News Items of General Interest

Online Pornography Linked to Record Numbers of Child Sex Abuse Cases in UK. School-age girls are being abused in record numbers, and it is likely due to the use of explicit online pornography by boys. Up to one-third of sixth-grade girls have been touched inappropriately by boys in their school. Read more here.

Brussels May Ban Books Portraying “Traditional” Families. Books containing images of mothers caring for their children, or fathers going to work may soon be banned if the Brussels proposal is passed. An EU report claims that gender stereotyping in schools damages women’s career opportunities by influencing the perception of the way boys and girls should behave. Read more here.

Worth Noting...

(In addition to the news each week, FWI staff review excellent research reports, commentaries and analyses of family- related issues. The most useful ones are linked to here.)

“Same Sex Marriage Ten Years On: Lessons From Canada” by Brad Miller, an associate professor of law at the University of Western Ontario and a visiting scholar at Princeton University, examines some of the negative impacts that have occurred, including restrictions on free speech rights, parental rights in education, the autonomy rights of religious institutions and a weakening of the marriage culture.

“The Real Comparison of Harm from Smoking vs. Possible Harm of Sexual-Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE)” by Thomas Coy, examines the potential negative health impacts on adolescents who engage in homosexual behavior. Coy uses data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to show that far from protecting youth, the legislation recently enacted in California banning this therapy will result in harm.

“Judicial Usurpation: Then and Now” by Robert P. George, a Princeton University law professor, and David Tubbs, a Political Science Professor at Kings College in New York. They argue that if the Supreme Court were to overturn California’s Proposition 8, it would be an especially egregious usurpation of judicial authority.

SOURCE: Family Watch International Newsletter

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