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On Monday March 1, 2021 The Mesa City Council plans to sign into law a Cancel Culture Ordinance. It is called a “Non-discrimination” code but it will, in fact, give cancel culture a metaphorical giant baseball bat to bludgeon anyone caught not being “politically correct”.

It is codified Cancel Culture. It is like a military laser targeting mechanism that signals society to “cancel”, through lawsuits, intimidation and worse, those who disagree with this unscientific, anti-social, illogical and anti-biological insanity; an insanity that has unfortunately gripped our nation.

Cancelling people through such a cultish practice is a dress rehearsal for genocide. This bill is a step toward the actual genocide of anyone who embraces freedom, common sense or even the original intent of our founding documents.

These misguided politcal hacks may even be targeting themselves for, first, cultural annihilation followed by actaul annihilation by the very cult which they would be supporting through this legislation.

This type of thing has been done before, the world over, wherever extreme radicallism raises it's ugly head.

Let us pray that these people do not take us down that inevitable path of mass murder.

Let us implore them to step back from the brink of self destruction.

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