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Merry Christmas from Tempe Union High School District

Because it is now officially "The Holidays", otherwise known as Thanksgiving, Hanakkah, and Christmas, the Tempe Union High School District has decided to sneak its Sex Ed curriculum presentation and adoption into December's agenda.


Please review the newest version of TUHSD's Planned Parenthood's FLASH curriculum.  And please attend December 3rd's Board meeting at 500 W. Guadalupe Rd. in Tempe.  The start time hasn't been posted officially, but plan on 7PM.


It is evident the District tried to distance itself from FLASH and made several references to Arizona State Law which requires the teaching of childbirth and adoption over abortion.  However, you will see repeated footnotes linking the curriculum to FLASH and King County, Washington.  Remember the state of Washington has one of the highest abortion rates in the country.


Here is a quick example from page 99 of what the District did to circumvent teaching facts--basically believe what you want to believe, there is really no scientific consensus (Planned Parenthood's cheerleader David Schapira has his fingerprints all over this):


An "IUD" or "intra-uterine device" is a little piece of plastic (sometimes wrapped in copper wire or containing a hormone) that a doctor puts inside the women’s uterus.

IUDs make sperm travel less well, keeping them away from the egg.

1An IUD can also keep an egg from attaching to the uterus.2 IUDs with hormones thicken cervical fluid to keep the sperm from joining the egg.3

[For those who believe pregnancy begins at fertilization:

Certain IUDs will terminate a pregnancy if they prevent a fertilized egg from attaching (implanting) to the uterus.

For those who believe pregnancy begins at implantation: IUDs will prevent a pregnancy by keeping a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus].*


Do we only follow laws when we "believe" in them?  This section reminds me of President Clinton wanting an explanation of what the word "is" is.


Stay tuned. 

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