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LGBT Movement Organizing to Mandate ‘Gay History’ in Schools Across America

(NOTE: Personally, I prefer the LG-BLT movement because at least it has the Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. All they need now is Mayo. You know what? Just leave out the LG and add mayo and that will be something the world can use: BLTM. But seriously folks, the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the Socialist Revolution (quote by Tom Hayden, founder of the SDS). There is no such thing as the LGBT movement. It is the Socialist Revolution. When we stop using their narratives we will begin to win our Country back from these radical revolutionaries. People with deviant sexual lifestyles are pawns of people who use them to get power over everyone. This is "second wave" Marxism.

The first wave was Economic Justice (Karl Marx).

The second wave was Cultural Justice (Frankfurt School).

The third wave is Environmental Justice (See UN Environment Program).

Were this all leads is to is totalitarianism where NO ONE, especially LGBT have ANY inalienable rights)

Until we focus on these truths, we will never get anywhere against these monsters). 


20 September, 2014 at 08:00

From MassResistance

In California already. Starting now in Massachusetts. Their goal is to force it into schools nationwide.

The push to require that “gay history” be taught in the nation’s is already in place in California and is now making headway in Massachusetts. The LGBT teachers conference brought in techniques that activists can use to expedite that process around the country.

This is the sixth part in our series on this year’s annual GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) Conference held in Boston in April 2014 which brought together LGBT teachers, school officials, and education activists (and their “allies”) — along with children as young as fifth grade — where they outlined their latest tactics for the schools.

Why a push for “gay history” in schools?

“Gay history” is an important psychological tool that homosexual movement uses to convince schoolchildren that homosexual behavior is a normal and positive influence in society. By making it part of the school curriculum — with lectures, exams, term papers, etc. – it becomes ingrained in kids’ minds. Thus, students would never question its legitimacy — and legitimacy is an obsessive goal of the homosexual movement.

The homosexual movement is organizing and strategizing to achieve their latest goal in the schools.

The homosexual movement is organizing and strategizing to achieve their latest goal in the schools.

Perhaps more disturbing, “gay history” introduces deviant figures such as Harvey Milk (a sexual predator of teenage boys), pro-NAMBLA activist Harry Hay, and other “gay pioneers” (some of whom were pornographers) as legitimate historical figures worthy of admiration. Plus it often teaches kids the unproven political “quackery” that famous people such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Julius Caesar, and even Abraham Lincoln were homosexual.

For example, soon after the California law was passed, one LGBT social studies teacher in San Francisco in an interview with a high school newspaper gave a taste of what what “gay history” should include:

In considering the possibilities, [the teacher] described potential lesson plans featuring rumored gay authors such as William Shakespeare and Walt Whitman and famous court cases involving gay defendants like that of Lawrence v. Texas, a 2003 court case that ended Texas’ sodomy law.

Gaining steam since the 1990s

That “gay history” push has been slowly but steadily progressing. Since the 1990s individual “gay activist” teachers have woven homosexual themes into their classes, including history lessons. Over a decade ago “gay history month” displays began to appear in “progressive” school districts, and that has spread across the country. For over a decade, national LGBT groups have trained teachers how to incorporate “gay rights” into history classes (example from 2001). (NOTE: This link is from the MassResistance blog – which Google still partially blocks!) But the goal has always been mandating it across the country.

Read more: MassResistance


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