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Law is problem, but so is message of these classes

This opinion piece from the Arizona (Anti-) Republic shows the kind of radical Leftist indoctrination that is geysering out of our K-PHD education system

Law is problem, but so is message of these classes
In rapid succession, Gov. Jan Brewer has signed two pieces of legislation - the anti-illegal-immigration Senate Bill 1070 and the school-curriculum law banning "ethnic studies" programs - that in different ways have targeted the state's largest minority population.
In the view of much of the national media, the two bills are of a single piece, which is: irrefutable evidence of Arizona's growing hostility toward Hispanics.

Opposed as we are to both new laws, The Arizona Republic is uniquely positioned to argue the ignorance of this convenient fiction as it applies to the ethnic-studies law.
The ban on ethnic studies is flawed for a lot of reasons. It likely will not force the Tucson Unified School District to abandon its controversial program. District voters must decide matters of curriculum, not the state Legislature.
But the ethnic-studies ban "targets" minorities only in the sense that it seeks to defend a vulnerable, largely immigrant population in Tucson against a band of politically radical opportunists that blatantly seeks to convert students into activists for their far-left cause.
These TUSD activists are the Russell Pearces of the political left. If the nation indeed has come to see Pearce as the personification of the mean-spirited, anti-immigrant right, then Augustine Romero, Sean Arce and the other self-identified "progressive" Marxists of TUSD's ethnic-studies program are his equally sinister mirror image.
Well-intentioned, tolerant observers who simply see the TUSD program as an opportunity for underprivileged minority students to learn of their own culture should ask themselves the following question:
Would I let my child take part in a public-school program that:
• Is directed by someone who declares, flat out: "Our teachers are left-leaning. They are progressives. They're going to have things (in the classrooms) that conservatives are not going to like." - Dr. Augustine Romero, Feb. 1, 2008.
• Originally was exposed for its political activism not by Republican state schools Superintendent Tom Horne, but by two TUSD teachers, both Hispanic. Both of whom subsequently have been viciously attacked by the ethnic-studies radicals as . . . racists.
• Featured at its annual Institute for Transformative Education summer seminar for district teachers, students and others speakers such as Dr. Peter McLaren of UCLA, an avowed and unabashed Marxist (see his website: mclaren/) who in his videotaped keynote address in 2008 shared such nuggets with TUSD teachers and students as these:
"The real god of the U.S. is violence; its creed being 'violence saves.' "
"Revolutionary violence can be justified."
"In a capitalist society, you're either part of the capitalist class or part of the working class."
• Is committed to the instructional dogma of South American Marxist education theoretician Paolo Friere, whose book "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" explicitly urges recruiting students to the communist revolution.
• Teaches students to defy their own (remarkably timid) school officials to demonstrate against Horne; their demonstration last week included street theater in which a student playing "Horne" was left lying "dead" on the grass. At last we see some hints of what truly does go on in TUSD's ethnic-studies classrooms.
Is this what the apologists for TUSD's ethnic-studies program really wish for these Arizona students? Would they really tolerate such activism if these were their children being manipulated? Not likely.

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