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July 26, 2019
The uber-liberal, parent-hating Kathy Hoffman is back in the news. And as usual, not for a good reason. The Democrat State School Superintendent is again dragging her feet in approving Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA) for needy kids. This comes on the heels of Ms. Hoffman throwing Navajo students off the program and denying the child of a military parent access to the program. After public pressure, Ms. Hoffman relented on both, blaming others and the process for her poor decisions. 
State law requires her office to respond within 45 days to a parent’s request for their child to receive ESA funding. One parent in particular, Gilbert mom Christine Accurso, has made numerous phone calls to Ms. Hoffman’s office to get her son’s funding for the new school year, yet reports that she has repeatedly been put on hold for hours. 
Representative Mark Finchem (R-Dist 11) has had enough of Ms. Hoffman’s delay tactics. He has formally requested the State Attorney General to open an investigation into Ms. Hoffman’s reported excessive wait times (in violation of state law) for parents who have applied for ESA funding. In a press release, Rep. Finchem said, “It appears that Superintendent Hoffman is letting her personal disapproval of the ESA program affect her legal obligation to follow the law. It is unconscionable that an elected official charged with administering education programs would slow-walk a program, which primarily serves children with special needs, because it doesn’t fit her left-wing agenda to end parental authority over school choice.”
Former School Superintendent Diane Douglas weighed in complaining that in her opinion the Legislature hasn’t properly funded the ESA program to her liking, but, she added, “In my administration, we put the people first. . . to my knowledge, we met the 45-day requirement. We didn’t keep people waiting.”
And there’s the difference between pro-parent, pro-school choice elected officials (Finchem and Douglas) and an anti-parent, anti-school choice elected official (Hoffman). 
Ms. Hoffman, like so many of her leftist colleagues, believe our children belong to them. They believe that every child in a geographic area (school boundaries, school districts) and the education funding that goes with them, belongs to their union-controlled, liberal-minded, government-run school system. Any deviation to that needs to be opposed. During the campaign last year, Ms. Hoffman was outspoken against the ESA program. Is it any wonder she’s dragging her feet in providing funding to needy kids now? 
Ms. Hoffman and her like-minded band of parent-haters need to be replaced. If an AG investigation finds that, indeed, she has purposely violated the law, she needs to be removed for malfeasance. Taxpayers, parents, and certainly our kids, deserve better.
For the Love of Life, Liberty and Property,
Samuel Adams

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