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      How did this guy ever get to be mayor of Mesa? He must be clinically insane. The Arizona Temple is exactly 1 mile from the City Council Chambers where mad king John and his court jesters have declared war on not just people of faith but also on science, biology, common sense, common decency and even sanity itself. 

        But it is crystal clear to me why he has done this. This is meant to keep everyone distracted fighting for even their most basic rights; like the right to simply go to the bathroom without fear of state sanctioned molestation while these politcal hacks line the pockets of their corrupt cronies.

       But, let's not get too focused on that because this Mesa governing body has become the enemy of ALL of our rights. They seek to destroy the very foundations of society itself. We have seen time and time again where this type of anti-human legislation leads; endless lawsuits, endless intimidation, and a complete breakdown of law and order. 

      Do Mesa residents really want to see their city become the hollowed out shell that Portland is today? Anarchists roam the streets of that city and the surrounding suburbs; people cower in their homes hoping they won't be singled out by these roving bands of psychopaths looking for any excuse to attack property and person in the name of "anti-fascism". But, everyone knows that this is all passive agressive bullshit.

     The so called "anti-fascist" (An-tee-faare the fascist and like Mayor Ted Wheeler in Portland, they have an advocate in Mad Mayor John Giles. Of course, An-tee-fa despises Ted Wheeler and they will despise John Giles also because they see that he is weak and will bow before these bullies in order to save their own hides. But it won't work. The one thing that these extremist psychopaths hate is everything; especially government officials of any kind. And, there is nothing that can appease them. They live to destroy everyhing before them. They are anarchists in the purest sense. 

     Governments are instituted among men to protect their rights; not to unleash a luntic mob on them to destroy their rights. But, Mad King John and his deranged cohorts are doing just that.

     We can only pray that they come to their senses before it's too late.

     Adjure them to stop the so called "Anti-Discrimination" ordinance being voted on on Monday March 1.


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Comment by Karen Gevaert on February 27, 2021 at 7:54am

The problem Mesa citizens voted for "Mad King John"  or was it fraud election in his favor??

Comment by Harry Mathews on February 27, 2021 at 8:23am

It's a good question. Yes, fraud is a HUGE problem; especially in this last election.


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