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The Deed Is Done - But Will It Protect Arizona School Students In Their Classrooms?

By now 20 states have come to realize that allowing teachers to conceal carry is the most logical thing to do to improve school safety. Does our legislature do that? No, instead they decided to put more cops in hallways. 

"Governor Doug Ducey's proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year contains $9.3 million for a grant program that funds police officers in schools, ..." ~ New Times

That means that there will be 89 more cops in classrooms to insure that conservative students don't wear MAGA gear, as we saw with Perry High School earlier this year. But, that doesn't make schools safer; it makes schools more onerous and gives administrators armed muscle to lean on students or others that may not agree with "school policy".

The new money for SROs fulfills one of Ducey's promises for school safety following the February 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead and 17 others injured.~ New Times

Yet, Resource Officers did nothing to stem the violence in that event so the state of Florida came to the same common sense conclusion that everyone else with common sense has come to; allow teachers to carry. Mind you didn't say "arm teachers" because that isn't necessary. The only thing you have to do is get rid of "Gun Free Zones" because that is where all of the violence takes place; without fail.

So, since common sense has not ruled in Arizona, this time, and politics won out over reason, children will die. It is a forgone conclusion. And then, the Ice Cream Man will ban guns. Some "Republican" he is. What a Ducey-bag.

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