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Please contact Arizona House Education Committee Members by Monday March 2nd and ask them to vote yes on SB1061.

Please support SB1061: Parental Rights Disclosure Bill

Parents have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

Why this bill is needed:

  • Arizona statutes contain many parental rights, but many parents are not aware of their existing rights especially as they relate to their child’s education.
  • Information enhances parental engagement and protection of students.
  • A concise listing of specific existing parental rights should be accessible to everyone.
  • Transparency and communication between parents, teachers, and schools can be improved in Arizona.

What this bill will do:

  • Directs the Arizona Department of Education to create and post on its website an Electronic Handbook of Parental Rights.
  • Each school district and charter school shall prominently post on a publicly accessible portion of its website a link to the Electronic Handbook of Parental Rights.

When you contact the House Education Committee members:

1. By phone, please ask the Representative to support SB1061

If you are asked why you support this bill, use your own words to describe the items listed above or a phrase similar to these:

“Please support SB1061 because parents deserve to know what their rights are, and these rights should be easy to find.”

“Parental rights don’t end at the school house door.”

"Arizona provides strong parental rights in public education, but these rights are worthless if parents are unaware of them."

2. By email, in the subject line type: Vote Yes on SB1061 OR Yes on Parental Rights Disclosure.

3. If you have an RTS Account, (Request to Speak) please register your support for SB1061 by clicking here.

If you do not have a Request to Speak account and would like to get one, please click here.

Representatives to contact in House Education Committee

Michelle Udall 602-9264856 Chairwoman

John Fillmore 602-926-3187 Vice-Chair

Nancy Barto 602-926-5766

Leo Biasiucci 602-926-3018

Isela Blanc 602-926-5187

Reginald Bolding 602-926-3132

Frank Carroll 602-926-3249

Regina Cobb 602-926-3126

Aaron Lieberman 602-926-3300

Jennifer Pawlik 602-926-3193

Gerae Peten 602-926-4842

TJ Shope 602-926-3012

Kelly Townsend 602-926-4467

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