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If You Love Anti-American Riots, Thank Our Universities

Rioters who hate America are not an accident; they are the fruition of decades of ideological indoctrination at our universities. While Marxism was increasingly repudiated around the world by countries that had suffered and failed under communist rule, professors in Western universities enthusiastically took up the destructive system, breathing life into its rotting corpse.

Many professors arriving in universities in the 1970s and 1980s grew up in or inherited the counterculture of the 1960s. Those who got high, dropped out, and then failed at subsistence farming dropped back into academia and decided never to leave. But their revolutionary fervor would not be lost; rather, it would reshape academia into its own image. Two of my colleagues—yes, I could name names—in the small anthropology department in which I taught for fifty years declared proudly that they were communists. Two others preferred to call themselves Marxists. One colleague in political science was a rabid enthusiast for communist Albania, until it fell, and then became the champion of communist North Korea. Later, most social scientists and humanities teachers adopted “postcolonial theory,” a Marxist-Leninist view that all of the evil in the world, from the days of Adam and Eve up to today, was entirely the result of Western colonialism.

Marxists, communists, and their fellow travelers never could sell the bourgeois vs. proletariat class conflict to Americans or Canadians, all of whom preferred to think of themselves as middle-class. But when the socialists added identity politics to class conflict, they hit pay-dirt, pure gold! The conflict was no longer between economic classes, but between gender classes, racial classes, and sexuality classes. The Marxist class conflict model proved perfect for feminists, racial activists, and sexuality activists to claim victimhood status and to denounce their alleged opponents as ruthless oppressors. And so was born the “patriarchy” crushing innocent females, “white supremacists” murdering harmless people of color, and “heteronormal” dictators forcing gays, lesbians, and transgenders into locked closets.

These new identity Marxists were quickly indulged within departments of women’s studies and feminist & gender studies; departments of black studies, Hispanic studies, and ethnic studies; and departments of queer studies and transgender studies. The mandate of these departments was propaganda and indoctrination on behalf of the favored sex, race, or sexuality. Aided by nihilistic, postmodern epistemology, the belief in truth and the academic search for truth were thrown out and replaced with identity-based “knowledge,” because “each person has her own truth.” Alleged experience and emotion now trump research, evidence, and logic.


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