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Hundreds Of High School Students Boycott Standardized Tests, 97% of Graduating Class Protests


November 16, 2014 by John Vibes 

Only 24 out of 877 seniors at Cherry Creek High School, in Colorado, actually showed up to take the mandatory standardized test last week, because a majority of the students were boycotting the tests.

“We’ve been taking standarized testing since we were in sixth grade — since we were 12. I think there’s way too much of it and quite frankly, I’m tired of it,” Josh Boxer, a Senior at Cherry Creek High School told CBS news.

Cherry Creek was not alone either, students all across the state were boycotting the test. In the entire school district that Cherry Creek is a part of, a mere 63% of students actually took the test, which is much higher than Cherry Creek, but still far lower than average.

In the nearby Boulder Valley School District, 84% of students joined in the protest and refused to take the tests. Some students even spent their time collecting food and donations for low-income families while they cut school during test taking time.

Administrators at Cherry Creek actually said that they expected the boycott, although they were surprised with how high the numbers were.

We were expecting it. We have seen growing parent concern about the number of tests that are given to students each year. We did everything we’ve been asked to do, and if we lose accreditation because parents and students have spoken out, then I think there’s something wrong with that system,” said school district communications director Tustin Amole.

While the numbers happen to be staggering in this area, standardized testing rebellion is starting to become a widespread practice all across the US.

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