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How To Report Politicking On School Grounds

IMPORTANT!! Listed below are instructions directly from the office of the Arizona Attorney General. If ANYONE witnesses the collection of political petition signatures and/or blatant campaigning within 100 feet of district property and/or school sponsored events, such as graduation ceremonies, they are to do the following in a peaceful and respectful way. DO NOT be confrontational. 
1. Print or download the letter attached. (you’ll need this to show to school officials)
2. Locate the highest-ranking school official on site and explain that you disapprove of what you’re witnessing and why. Show them the letter.
3. Get the school official’s name and title. If there’s multiple high-ranking officials on site, get all their names. 
4. Get the collector’s name and whom they represent (some are independent collection contractors) 
5. Get their petition(s) information (there’s ID #s and information on the petition. (photo is best) 
6. Email the information to
7. In the subject line put “15-511 Violation”
8. In the email, CC
9. Include your name, your address, and your telephone for verification.
This is all important information the AG’s office will need to build a case against the alleged offenders. This does not include political apparel bearing slogans like “#red 4 ed”. It does include anything that says, “vote for ___” or “Remember specific name or prop# in November”. When you send your email please CC us at


Purple For Parents R15-002_AMENDED_Opinion_FINAL.pdf

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