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THANK YOU! Your support helped pass HB2706! Save Women's Sports Act!


Representative Nancy Barto-sponsor of HB2706

On February 13th, the House Health & Human Services Committee (HHS) passed out of committee HB2706--Save Women’s Sports Act with a 5-4 vote.

HB2706 will next be going to the full House of Representatives for a vote. The Protect Arizona Children Coalition will keep you updated!

Please contact the following representatives on the Health & Human Services Committee (HHS) and tell them thank you for voting yes on HB2706.

John Allen -- -- 602-926-4916

Gail Griffin -- -- 602-926-5895

Becky Nutt -- -- 602-926-926-4852

Jay Lawrence (Vice Chairman) -- -- 602-926-3095

Nancy Barto (Chairman) -- -- 602-926-5766


Lisa Fink
President, Protect Arizona Children Coalition

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