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Governor Doug Ducey Announces Appointments to the Arizona Board of Education

[Preface by Anita Christy: Jared Taylor, one of the 5 appointees, is strongly on record against Common Core.  He has strong Conservative values and I am happy to see he has been recommended for the board!  Remember, the Senate confirms the appointments.  Do you like who you see? Y / N?  Share your views with the Senate and our Governor.]

Office of the Arizona Governor Doug Ducey  MARCH 20, 2015
PHOENIX - Reiterating his commitment to expanding educational excellence and improving schools for all Arizona students and parents, Governor Doug Ducey today announced five appointments to the Arizona State Board of Education. 
In addition to three public member seats currently available for appointment, the governor must fill the vacant seats of a county school superintendent and a university president to the 11-member board. The governor's appointments reflect his focus on putting classrooms first, expanding educational opportunities and ensuring that Arizona's standards are our own.
"I look forward to working with the Board of Education to improve results in the classroom and to ensure all Arizona students have access to a great education," said Governor Ducey. "Our work starts with making sure that the standards in our classrooms are Arizona high-standards and not a one-size fits all model. Arizona can and should be the number one state in the nation for our children to get an education."
Jared Taylor has served as a council member for the town of Gilbert since 2012. Prior to his election, Mr. Taylor served on various citizen budget committees, as a precinct committeeman and vice chairman in his legislative district, on the board for Constitution Week USA and is an active advocate for Arizonans Against Common Core. He also has 10 years of private sector experience in various corporate human resources roles.
Chuck Schmidt is the Associate Executive Director for the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA). He started with AIA in 2000 as a coordinator and was promoted to Assistant Executive Director in 2002. He also taught high school social studies for several years at Valley Lutheran High School and was an assistant baseball coach at Valparaiso University.
Chris Deschene is a former state representative from Navajo Nation. Mr. Deschene is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the U.S. Marine Corps. While in the Marines, he served as an infantry and reconnaissance officer with two tours in the Persian Gulf. He went on to graduate school at Arizona State University to earn a master's degree in engineering and a juris doctorate in law.
Tim Carter is the current Yavapai County School Superintendent, a position to which he was unanimously appointed in 2005. He previously worked at Prescott High School as the assistant principal for student learning, and later as principal until his retirement in 2003. Mr. Carter also has experience coaching, teaching and counseling.
Michael Crow is the 16th president of Arizona State University, a role he has served since 2002. He previously was executive vice provost of Columbia University, where he also served as a professor of science and technology policy. He is also the author of the recently released book, "Designing the New American University."

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