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Fake Charter Schools Survive Until 2015

4-10-14 Americans For Prosperity via email

Several of the "charter schools" sponsored by school districts are abusing the chartering process in order to double-dip from taxpayer funds - taking state charter funds while continuing to use local property tax money.  But these fake charters fail to operate under the independent management and market accountability of real charter schools.  The legislative budget includes $24.5 million dollars for such schools, which is less than the $33 million originally sought by those schools.  The budget also calls for the conversion process to end in 2015.  
While AFP-Arizona believes that school districts should be allowed to convert schools to charters - as long as those schools operate as true charter schools - we are happy that the abuse of the chartering process will be stopped.  We look forward to working with stakeholders in the future to create a mechanism for the proper chartering of district schools. 

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