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Fact Check: No requirement that Prop. 123 money go 'directly' to classrooms


"Arizona officials define classroom spending as dollars that go toward: classroom personnel, including salaries and benefits for teachers; classroom supplies such as pens and crayons; instructional aids such as textbooks; and activities and tuition.

Non-classroom dollars pay for administrative salaries, plant operations and maintenance, food service, transportation and student- and instruction-support services.

The Prop. 123 language approved by the Legislature states: "The Department of Education shall allocate the appropriated amount to school districts and charter schools on a pro rata basis using the weighted student count for the school district or charter school."


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Comment by Peggy McClain on March 31, 2016 at 8:36am
Tempe Republican Women held a debate about Prop123 Monday night.

Correct, the dollars will be sent to local school districts to be used as they see fit. History tells us what that means-->more dollars for administration, technology, and special interests. There is no guarantee the teachers and students will benefit.

Also, property taxes WILL increase if Prop123 is passed. A well-kept secret that pro-123 Chuck Schmidt didn't deny.

Where are the Prop123 people getting all the money for signs, advertising, and fun activities? As usual, the pro-tax people sure seem to have money to cram incorrect information down our throats. Are special interests funding the campaign?


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