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Agenda 21 is made up of 40 Chapters - two of which  (#25 and #36) relate to Children or Education .  There are a number of organizations that are focused 100% on this Agenda - primarily advocating "nullification"  Agenda 21 Today.   Eye On US Education (EUSE) is solely an Education organization and will focus only on those issues that directly effect education.

EUSE believes in "Truth in Education".  Students should be provided with information on all topics - except those that require parental approval (homosexuality, birth control, abortion, etc.).  Any topic that is presented should provide all sides to the issue.  No topic should be slanted toward one philosophy.  Our children should not be indoctrinated on one position or discouraged from voicing opposing views.

Agenda 21 is a United Nations’ mandate.  EUSE does not believe that the UN and/or the Federal Government have the right to dictate to sovereign states what subjects are taught in their schools.

EUSE does not agree with most Agenda 21 issues - social justice, environmental concerns, one-world government, etc.  If students learn about these topics, opposing views must always be presented.

On learning that students are being indoctrinated regarding Agenda 21, the Florida EUSE will take action.  We will contact offending school boards, the FL Department of Education, the Florida Legislative and Executive Branches, and the media.  If necessary, EUSE will write and/or back legislation that requires opposing views be presented to students.

As EUSE is a national organization, we will encourage our member states to take similar action.


Sheri Krass

State Chair, Florida Textbook Action Network (TAN)

National Co-Chair, Eye On US Education (EUSE)  Under Construction



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