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Douglas Recallers Assisted by Gov. Ducey?

Clair Van Steenwyk 2-12-15

As the research indicates, it appears Gov. Ducey and his staff are incorrect in their evaluation of the situation and actually should be supporting Supt. Douglas in her decisions to better operate the Dept. of Public Instruction. Douglas did exactly what the voters expected her to do when they elected her to the position. Now it appears that Ducey and the Elite GOP are attempting to assist in re-firing up the oppositions recall efforts against Supt. Douglas, as News Program had a staffer of the group on air Thursday evenings program discussing this very incident, they really don't need the help of Ducey do they, or who's side is he really on? You read the post and then decide for yourself just what they’re all up to, serving you and me or Sen. McCain.

Diane Douglas has the right to fire STAFF employees: Doug Ducey plays his McCain card.

Arizona Superintendent of Public Education Diane Douglas has the authority to fire State ‘at will employees’ as established by former Governor Jan Brewer when she signed Sweeping Personnel Reform It would behoove Governor McDucey to review with State Attorney General Mark BrnoCainvich and any other legal counsel he has the following as it’s quite simple

Fired were Executive Director Christine Thompson and Deputy Director Sabrina Vazquez who are on the Arizona Department of Education payroll… and under Douglas supervision as apparent by the organizational flow chart below.…/uploads/…/08/publicorgchart.pdf

Supporting Diane Douglas’ authority to terminate “at will” employees is Arizona Revised Statute, Title 15, Chapter 2, Article 2 – 251 Powers and duties – # “4. Direct the work of all employees of the board who shall be employees of the department of education.”… Please review the flow chart above and the listing of Thompson and Vazquez as being on the payroll of the Arizona Department of Education here…

Consider that the members of the Arizona State Board of Education are not compensated by the State as their names don’t appear within the Staff Directory nor on the above organization flow chart for the Arizona Department of Education.

Note again that the names of Thompson and Vazquez do appear under Diane Douglas’ name on the Flow Chart as well as the Department payroll – they work AT Will for the Arizona Superintendent of Public Education Diane Douglas.

Perhaps Board President Greg Miller needs some COMMON SENSE education as he does not sign Thompson’s or Vazquez’s paychecks. They may do work for the “Board”…/official-member-list-for-2015-updated…but they are employed by Superintendent Douglas: ARS 15-251.
when he states the move by Douglas was unprovoked and that Thompson and Vazquez work for the board, not Douglas.
Read more:…/spat-deepens-douglas-calls-out-ducey…

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 
Crossroads with Van / AZS Constitutional Conservative Coalition…/Diane-Douglas-statement-on-Gov-Doug-Ducey…

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Comment by Clair Van Steenwyk on February 17, 2015 at 10:58am

My hope is that Supt. Douglas doesn't turn this into a Diplomacy Issue and settle for less than the Voters Elected her to do.  Gov. Ducey is wrong on this one and for the most part has a now questionable stand on Common Core, unless of course this is all about Political Correctness and his wanting the credit etc. for stopping it andhas his own Political Planning Strategy along with staffers, this can be the case if so, we're once again being ill served and if not we're not being served at all. God Bless You All; Van 

Comment by Harry Mathews on February 17, 2015 at 11:42am

Clair, the battle has only begun. You will soon see the wrath of a very well organized and grotesquely well funded Left. Nevertheless, she should continued to do the right thing. It worked out for Scott Walker. It can happen her in AZ too

Comment by Clair Van Steenwyk on February 17, 2015 at 11:58am

I understand the Left quite well and also realize that they're already using what the Gov. did to reactivate the Recall movement as showing her to be inept and unprofessional, and that's the point of this, he is helping them to either have a successful recall or mute her politically, either way he wins and as I stated a Diplomacy Solution / Compromise is no solution for US, but would be for them.

Comment by Clair Van Steenwyk on February 17, 2015 at 4:39pm

I didn't put this in the original post, however for any look up ARS 41-742 as it's quite clear that the Supt. well within the law as written. God Bless You; Van 

Comment by Harry Mathews on February 17, 2015 at 11:22pm

Thanks for the info Clair

Comment by Clair Van Steenwyk on February 18, 2015 at 9:58am

From ABC evening news on 2/17/15 appears Ducey has won and we once again are left out in the cold, guess Diplomacy or GOP Politics wins out, over US, if this isn't what happened please remove this post and let me know. God Bless You; Van 


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