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We are pleased to announce the first annual Don Kennedy Teacher's Scholarship which will be offered in partnership with Heritage Academy Charter School in Mesa, Arizona.  This Scholarship was formed in appreciation of our dear friend, and brilliant patriot, Don Kennedy. We would like to honor his decades of research, and tireless political efforts on behalf of preserving our constitution, our heritage, and our history. (

The partnership with Heritage was based upon Don's active involvement with Heritage.  As part of his efforts, Don trained parents to be teachers through "Constitution in the Classroom."   Then parents then went out to other charter schools in the valley to teach the Constitution.  Donwas also actively involved in the recruitment for that program.

Over a period of several years, Don proactively studied and intensely reviewed historical textbooks at two school districts in Maricopa County, Arizona.   Upon the completion of his research,  Don wrote "What's Happening in Our Schools" in order to expose the propaganda and the progressive indoctrination of young minds. (

Not only did Don publish his findings, but he has constantly and selflessly shared his information at School Board meetings and directly with parents and elected officials to influence and encourage legislation which would counter the extreme liberal takeover of our educational system.

The goal of this scholarship is to award a student who is choosing a career in teaching and who will be committed to maintaining  the integrity of our educational system through the preservation of our Republic.

We desperately and quickly need to flood our schools with the right kind of teachers!

We will be continuing this scholarship yearly, in hopes that it will become one of the most well-known and well-funded scholarships for teachers in the country.

The Scholarship will be awarded at an official ceremony on May 4, 2018 in the auditorium at Heritage Academy in Mesa.  (Please email should you want to attend). The winner will be chosen by Don Kennedy following an essay contest.  We have set the amount at $1,000 for that scholarship with hopes of being able to raise more for additional scholarships of increased amounts. (

Please help us honor Don Kennedy and his dream of preserving our Republic through education!

Any questions, please email:

-Jennifer Reynolds
Member of Mommy Lobby AZ- Follow us @MommyLobbyAZ
Creator of Arizonans Against Common Core

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