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Do You Know What Your Kids Are Viewing-at school!?!?

No parent can perfectly monitor the behavior of their child every hour of the day. But do you know what your kids may be viewing…at school?

In the 1995 First Circuit Court of Appeals case Brown v. Hot, Sexy, and Safer Productions, Inc. the court acknowledged as fact that “[t]he minor teenagers in this case were compelled to attend a sexually explicit AIDS awareness assembly without prior parent approval,” and “the defendants’ failure to provide opt-out procedures … displayed a certain callousness towards the sensibilities of the minors….” Nevertheless, the court held that no constitutional rights of the parents or the children had been violated. (To read more about the court’s decision, click here).

This decision established that schools can hold mandatory assemblies of a sexual nature, including graphic sexual content and student participation, and that parents have no redress even if opt-out provisions are not provided. Sadly, the Supreme Court’s Troxel v. Granville case in 2000 only helped further weaken courts’ views of parents’ rights.

The proposed Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, rather than watering down traditional parental rights as Brown and Troxel did, will endow parental rights with full constitutional protection, and empower parents once again to protect their children from programs which both the parent and the child find objectionable.

Please act now to protect the right of concerned parents to monitor their child’s education.

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