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American Post-Gazette
Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E in Arizona
May 19, 2019
Democrats, once again, are showing their true intolerant colors. Kathy Hoffman (Democrat), Arizona Superintendent of Schools, is cracking down on Native Americans using Empowerment Scholarship Accounts. At least eight families on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona received letters cancelling their ESAs and demanding they reimburse the state thousands of dollars.
What nonsense.
And, once again, Republicans are coming to the rescue of a minority group being treated badly by Democrats. Democrats hate school choice so much, they will go after anyone in their blind obedience to their union buddies' attempts to destroy the opportunity for parents to choose where to send their kids to school.
State Representative Bob Thorpe (REPUBLICAN - District 6) sent out this statement to the public in support of Native Americans in his district, in particular, and for parental choice in general.
"The Republican Legislature fully supports broad school choice freedom, which includes traditional, charter, private, home schools and the use of ESA's for our Arizona students including those living within our Tribal Nations. With too may D and F rated tribal schools, Arizona needs to provide options for our lower income Arizona families so that they can excel in their education. This is one of the primary reasons why the Republican Legislature created and continues to support the ESA programs.
Arizona leads the way in school choice. ESAs are one of the many school choice programs that are helping Arizona families in all economic circumstances. Democrats oppose school choice and ESAs . They only want a monopoly of failing traditional public schools, that are often controlled by powerful California-style labor unions."
(Editor's Note: Republicans are crafting legislation to protect these vulnerable families for this attack and any possible future attack. Hopefully, a few right-minded Democrats will join them.)

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