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Debunking Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories

Billie Bob and Bubba died in a car crash and went to heaven. Meeting St. Peter at the pearly gate, they were dying (no pun intended) to ask, so, Billie Bob says to the gate keeper "OK, so, who was reeeaaaally behind 911?" St. Peter shrugs and says " Al Queda". Bubba turns to Billie Bob and says, in a low voice, "This is bigger than we thought!"


There are times when i'm proud when someone refers to me as a right-wing-nut-job. This is not one of them. It astounds me that people don't have enough common sense, even on the right (I know Leftists don't have any-they are all about feelings) to tell the difference between real conspiracies and pure nonsense. Step by step this articles goes through all of the various Sandy Hook conspiracy theories and handily dispells these cruel myths. If you still believe these, clearly trumped up and falsified fairy tales, after reading the article, please don't invite me to your next gun show.


You are doing a tremendous disservice to your own cause, that is, if your cause is the pursuit of Liberty, when you buy into these hoaxes. It discredits YOU and distracts YOU from from serious business that urgently needs addressing which is saving your country from surfdom.

I may make some enemies by saying so, but then, speaking the truth always gets you in trouble, but if you think Elvis is still alive and 911 was an inside job and the apollo moon landing was made in a studio then you are, IMHO, a dropout, burnout, waste of time loser who only gives credence to the enemies of Liberty and inhibits the efforts of people who are working night and day to drive back the advance of tyranny.

There i've said it. Now, stop cowering in your bunker Dale Alvin Gribble and get to work saving your country.

~ALWAYS For Liberty~

Harry Mathews - admin. Education Action Network


This Is The Blaze’s Point-by-Point Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Debunk:


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Comment by Sandi Bartlett on January 24, 2013 at 1:01pm

Yes,  agree Harry.  Anyone can say anything these days and we have to trust but verify everything.


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