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Could Obama Outlaw Your Handwriting Style?

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- There are over 200 handwriting programs in the USA. And one of them wants to outlaw the other 199. A handwriting program called "Handwriting Without Tears" (at -- see model-samples at ) has begun aggressively lobbying to make every detail of its own particular instructional method and writing styles legallly *required* as the sole method in all USA schools, by piggybacking on current White House efforts to create and impose a detailed national curriculum for all USA schools.

Of special note: the proposed standards' stylistic requirements (which are HWTears requirements) mean that the program would make it illegal to teach certain programs that have been popular homeschooling choices for many years.

For example, all the cursive-first programs that so many homeschoolers are using (such as Abeka) would be forbidden (because the proposed standards require print first and cursive later) and so would be all the Italic programs (such as Getty-Dubay) that are also widely popular homeschooling choices (because the proposed standards for cursive require 100% joined and looped cursive, as well as specifically cursive-stle capitals, which Getty-Dubay and the other Italic programs do not use. Therefore, these and many other successful programs would not be allowed).

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Comment by Harry Mathews on August 3, 2010 at 1:55pm
Wow, now we'll have handwriting NAZI's. What's next, Thought Police? Oh, wait, we already have that. The School of Social Transformation (Political Correctness)


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